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Help save our island r/bitcoin! [serious]

A few of you in the bitcoin community know that my partner and I are from the island of Barbados and we are aiming to launch our Caribbean exchange ( in the second quarter of 2014. We have been working hard with each island's government, central bank and financial commissions to acknowledge, accept and classify bitcoins in the Caribbean.
One of our greatest resources has been the Opposition Leader of the Barbados Government, Mia Amor Mottley. Ms. Mottley has provided us with valuable support, networking, insights and resources to help us understand the regulatory frameworks and propose amendments to accommodate for cryptocurrencies in our legislation - a lot of work happens behind closed doors to get this magic internet money regulated by governmental bodies! Mia like many of us, is forward thinking and sees bitcoin as a unique opportunity to help the average Barbadian access a global trade system. Our two teams have been working over the last few months to structure bitcoin into our economy and I have had the pleasure of working with some of Barbados' brightest econometric minds who address bitcoin as a vessel to save our island's dwindling foreign reserves.
The problem is our country is currently being run by another party called the DLP (Democratic Labor Party) and they are destroying our island! They are literally destroying our GDP, Investment Rating, Foreign Reserves, Job Security, cost of living, printing money and the list goes on!
Our island needs the confidence in the leadership we once had so that we can begin to see growth again. The entire island is desperately waiting for someone like Mia Mottley to take the helm of our government and lead us forward into calm waters.
You guys can help by raising awareness to what is really happening on our sunny island and let the world see what happens when a corrupt government prints money to pay its debt. We need the Barbados public to see bitcoin as another solution to our growing and inflating problems. Bitcoin may not be the full solution but it is definitely a great start to market freedom of the Barbadian people.
Here is a public press statement that was made just hours ago by Mia Mottley:
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Countries like Barbados hold a fixed exchange rate with the United States Dollar (USD). Under a fixed exchange rate, Barbados’ Central Bank is committed to maintaining a given price of the Barbados Dollar (BBD) in terms of USD by participating, when necessary, in the foreign exchange market as a buyer or seller of Barbados’s currency to ensure that supply and demand are equated at the ... Central bank of barbados ening monetary policy loop news the bajan reporter 3 7 million loss how central bank of barbados releases its 2017 annual report kevz politics on twitter focus central bank of barbados foreign reserves bds 1 2 billion us 600 million economy contracted 0 jan jun 2019 debt to gdp 124 unemployment 10 https t co uet1flphb3 central bank of barbados ening monetary policy ... The Central Bank of Barbados is considering to include cryptocurrencies in the portfolio of international reserves according to its latest document drafted by Winston Moore and Jeremy Stephen. Most central banks worldwide maintain a portfolio of assets which include gold, foreign exchange and internationally recognised reserve assets to allow countries to settle international transactions ... Assuming the Central Bank of Barbados had put 0.1% of their reserves in Bitcoin during this period, their return balances would have twice the actual amount. A higher portion of the international ... The company also founded the first bitcoin exchange in the island nation in early 2015. In December 2015, two Barbadian economists recommended that the Central Bank of Barbados invest and hold a small portion of Bitcoin as a part of its foreign reserves, speculating that the cryptocurrency could become a key currency in the future.

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