Bitcoin Vs Gold: Which Is The Better Investment?

BitGold Vs Bitcoin

I would love to hear some opinions on BitGold vs Bitcoin??
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BitGold vs Bitcoin?

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BitGold vs Bitcoin?

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Bitcoin posts on this subreddit

Every bitcoin post on this subreddit turns into some kinda btc vs bch vs not-muh-true-bitcoin reeeeeeeeee conversation. A lot of BCH people here especially.
Anyone with an ounce of understanding of economics knows we are in uncharted territory creating a decentralized, digital currency. Bitcoin's price has never been stable enough to be some idealized version of cash or store of value, as measured against what is currently known in gold, USD, etc.
Anyone with an ounce of understanding of technology and engineering knows shit takes time to develop and that there are always trade-offs along the way. Always.
Bitcoin is charting its own many-paths simultaneously. How novel.
So buy bitcoin, buy bch, buy bitgold, buy whatever you want. Let the market decide what's important or valuable through speculation, investment, ideology, risk.
Decades from now, whatever comes out the other end might be everything we always wanted - store of value, decentralized, cash, scalable, fast, anonymous, low energy - but today it can't be that simply because 'muh limitations of reality'.
This place is full of idiots.
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[ACTUAL SHILLING] Let's see who's defending Uphold over in /r/bitcoin.

So there's this company, Uphold, which basically made up most of their balance sheet by introducing a 100% premined cryptocurrency, Voxel.
They claim to operate as a full reserve, but the nature of their assets doesn't match the nature of their liabilities. If you remove all Voxel assets and obligations, there's a negative balance. Note that this is according to the balance sheet they publish themselves which is not audited in any way (they don't even publish their BTC addresses and provide signed messages).
Just three days after it was on /buttcoin, /bitcoin noticed it too. In that thread, several people defended Uphold. Let's have a look at them.
There's bittyboyboo with this comment:
OP is a Redditor for 12 hours, but sounds like a long-time and serious Uphold hater. Wonder why?
Uphold is an awesome service and I use it to move money from my UK bank account to my UH wallet to buy BTC. They are the cheapest and easiest way to buy and sell BTC that I've found. What's cheaper than free? What's faster than instant?
There's enough legit Garza/Gox action in cryptoland without bad-mouthing the only company that publishes what they are doing in real-time. OP--you sound like the insolvent (and butthurt) scammer.
The user history shows just three other comments, one hating on Cryptsy, one recommending another service,, and, one month ago, a recommendation of Uphold.
Now you might say, okay, so this guy is just a satisfied customer who doesn't like to post a lot.
So let's go over to bitgoldtruth with this comment:
OP is way off and sounds like he's a competitor spreading FUD.
Uphold is centralized, so I don't use them, but they are legit and have become a very important part of the BTC ecosystem.
I've looked a the Voxel (VOX) as a potential scam (because that's what I like to do)-- see my previous posting history about Paycoin, Bitgold, etc.
Voxel is a pre-mine, but it does have a very specific real-world use-case-- the purchase of content on
UH puts it all out there on their transparency page, which is the only reason OP could do this analysis. I applaud that transparency.
TL;DR: Voxel not a scamcoin, Uphold is solvent and the only financial service in the world that I know of that is 100% transparent in real-time. Instead of bashing UH, why not demand that Circle and Coinbase and Bitstamp also implement real-time transparency.
You might not like their management, but there is no denying that they benefit BTC by offering an excellent and innovative service.
Again-- I don't like them and don't use them, but let's save cries of insolvency and scamcoin for the company's that deserve it. I've been guilty of this myself and now am much more careful. There's plenty of bad guys in this space, but UH is not one of them.
Looking at their posting history, you see them defending Uphold with an almost identical post three days ago, defending Uphold two months ago, calling Bitreserve (the old name of Uphold) legit eleven months ago and hating on Cryptsy. Also, they seem really sold on the idea that Bitgold, a competitor to and one-time opponent in court of Uphold, is a scam. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
Well, you say, that's just a guy with a strong opinion, isn't it?
Let's go over to CaptainCloudMoney, who brought us this comment:
OP is full of BS.
Uphold is demonstrably solvent if you know how to do math.
The only reason OP can pretend to do the math is Uphold publishes a real-time accounting of their assets and liabilities.
I'm a long-time UH supporter and investor and they just keep getting better and better. The market values innovation and UH is by far the most innovative company in the fintech/crypto space.
And for the record-- I'm long voxels because it's a bet on the future of virtual reality, which I have little doubt will do to video what video did to radio.
Uphold FTW!
Now if you go through their comment history, it's basically one big Uphold advertisement, and before that, one big Bitreserve advertisement (as you remember, the old name of Uphold). I won't go into detail here because it's really that obvious, but note that they're also plugging (and again), just like our four-comment friend bittyboyboo did.
Well then. I think we can close the case now, Uphold is just a great company with a lot of satisfied users who all love Uphold and will defend it by attacking anybody who posts something against them. There is absolutely no foul play going on here.
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Is Bitgold, Inc a Scam? (Part II)

My response to Emily Cornelius, Bitgold, Inc's Head of Digital Marketing:
Hi Emily! Thanks for responding. I really hope you guys are legit. So can you confirm that you guys will be centralized vs. decentralized.
Thanks for confirming the Soros and Sprott participation--congrats on getting such big name investors to back your project.
As for my questions and comments, I prefer to ask them out in the open. I could ask you privately, but then I'd post the results here anyway for the benefit of the community. I'm curious about this:
BitGold is purposely not releasing the full details of its platform as the founders (Roy and Josh) have worked on the design and implementation of this idea for nearly four years.
As neither of the two founders have any tech experience, what were they designing and implementing exactly?
Looking at the backgrounds of Crumb and Sebag, they have no technical experience, no start-up experience, no dev experience.
Sebag seems to be a speculator on precious metals via various companies that have not done particularly well. His latest, before Bitgold, Inc, Loma Vista, was founded almost four years ago and has done nothing, produced nothing. From all I can find online it's just an empty shell. He's got a bunch of other ventures of which he is the Founder-- Natural Resources Holdings, Braavos Capital, Essentia Equity--that also don't seem to have done anything from what I can tell online. Am I wrong about that? Natural Resources Holding was another reverse-merger into a public company--an Israeli one that used to be dedicated to printing.
Forgive my ignorance about all these complicated transactions, but it strikes me as more finance shenanigans than the building of real companies that provide real goods and services to real people. Am I wrong?
As for Crumb, he also has no technical or devops experience and very little start-up experience. The latest venture he worked for--of which he seems to still be CFO if Linked In is to be believed--was spun out of notorious patent troll company Intellectual Ventures. It is called Coffee Flour ( At least it's a start-up that offers a real product. Is Josh going to continue working at coffeeflour? Is there any relationship between Intellectual Ventures and bitgold?
Josh also lists himself as Co-Founder of Loma Vista-- the publicly listed company that Bitgold,Inc is being merged into. Here's how Loma Vista is described on Bloomberg:
Loma Vista Capital Inc., a junior mineral exploration company, engages in the discovery, exploration, and development of base metal and precious metal mineral deposits in Canada and internationally. It has an option to acquire a 100% interest in the Dorothy Lake project that comprises 26 claim units covering an area of 416 hectares in Meen Lake Area, Ontario. The company was founded in 2012 and is based in Toronto, Canada.
I also read that Loma Vista gave up their Dorothy Lake project in order to merge with Bitgold, Inc.
You'll forgive me if it all seems a bit fishy-- a company without a product or service (just a countdown clock), raises $3.5mm from the Soros children, then a month or so later opts to reverse-merge into a public shell company. This is not the way tech start-ups are usually built, as you are maybe aware.
Also, can you please explain this SEC Filing. It seems to indicate that Bitgold has raised or is seeking to raise 600k from US investors. Are those the Soros children?
I'm sorry if this comes across as overly-skeptical. The bitcoin community has suffered through so many scams that I really hope you guys are legit.
And there have been so many hacks of poorly-architected sites and systems that I really, really am concerned about the total lack of devops and tech start-up experience of Sebag and Crumb.
Thanks Emily Cornelius! Looking forward to your responses.
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Following Up On My Last Post About Crowdfunding: BitReserve Is Close To Finishing Up Series B Funding Round, Led By Crowdfunding Investors (€6 million)

In my last post, some of you pointed out the current lack of actual direct equity investments via crowdfunding, so I thought it'd be good to follow up with this.
A bitcoin company named BitReserve has almost reached the €6 million crowdfunding goal it placed as part of its current Series B funding round. The platform used, UK-based CrowdCube allows for investments as little as €10.
As always, curious as to your thoughts on this and the general growing trend of companies turning to crowdfunding vs traditional capital raising methods!
Feel free to read the full story yourself:
Bitreserve, the Charleston, South Carolina based company that allows for the seamless conversion of Bitcoin to USD and other currencies, is set to raise £6,000,000 from CrowdCube, the UK based equity crowdfunding platform. Bitreserve is the only Bitcoin company on CrowdCube, which allows UK investors to invest as little as £10 to own equity in a non-public company. This is a Series B round for Bitreserve, and this crowdfunding operation is only a partial funding effort, with the rest coming from institutional investors. In the US, only accredited investors can invest in companies like Bitreserve at that stage of their operation.
For this round, Bitreseve is selling 10.7% of the company in the equity offering, valuing the company at around $87 million, as a crude approximation. Bitreserve had raised $5 million in an earlier round. Halsey Minor, a tech entrepreneur, is the founder and CEO of Bitreserve.
Bitreserve allows for the seamless conversion between Bitcoin and fiat currencies like USD. In that regard, its functionality is similar to BitPay or Coinbase for merchants, in that the merchants don’t see any Bitcoin at all, but instead just get USD deposited into their bank account, without taking on any Bitcoin price volatility risk. Bitreserve charges 0.45% BTC to USD conversion fees, however.
Bitreserve also publishes a proof of solvency, which shows that they are not operating a fractional reserve at any one point in time. This is a big focus for the company, and it hopes to set a standard for Bitcoin businesses in terms of transparency of assets. Bitreserve holds user’s Bitcoins denominated in several different currencies, or just as Bitcoin. Bitreserve has been focusing more on users so far instead of merchants.
Bitreserve is also developer-friendly, with several APIs that developers can use to develop Bitcoin related products. They provide APIs for trading, clearing, custody, and other related Bitcoin functions, and already, some of the Bitcoin exchanges operate using Bitreserve’s API.
Bitreserve recently unveiled a new product, Bitgold, which gives customers instant access to an electronic gold token corresponding to how many Bitcoins they hold, i.e., an instant conversion between Bitcoin and gold. Bitgold is backed by physical gold (not ETFs) from GBI. It makes it easy for merchants to accept Bitgold if they already accept Bitcoin, thus providing a powerful incentive for some kinds of merchants, especially in the precious metals industry. Bitreserve also caused a minor controversy by claiming a trademark on ‘bitgold’. ‘Bit gold’ as a concept was used as far back in 2005 by Nick Szabo (re-posted in 2008) and enumerated a lot of ideas behind Bitcoin. Bitreserve also claims a trademark over bitsilver, bitpalladium, bitpeso and others.
EDIT: link to last post
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Was ist Bitgold German - Kostenlos Gold bitgold mining easy and profitable Real Money (Gold & Bitcoin) vs Fake Money (Currency) Roy Sebag and Josh Crumb Discuss BitGold, Bitcoin, Gold and Money What is BitGold?

Divisibility: 1 Bitcoin is divisible into smaller denominations (A bitcoin can be divided down to 8 decimal places), 1 bar of gold is really hard to divide effectively. Divisibility is a crucial characteristic for a medium of exchange to have. When it comes to Bitcoin, the same asset that can be held in large quantities as a store of value can also be used in tiny pieces to purchase goods and ... BitGold is not a “bitcoin company” – if you need a comparison, it is much more “PayPal” than “bitcoin”, but BitGold can be better understood as a “digital gold” company, which of course is what GoldMoney invented and patented. There exists vast potential for changing online payments, and in my view, BitGold has the right people and resources to take advantage of this ... When you purchase BitGold you are purchasing 99.95% pure gold bullion. When you mine a bitcoin you are simply the finder of a solution to a mathematical problem. Yes, that solution has been assigned a ‘monetary’ value, but it isn’t real. It isn’t tangible like gold is. What’s the difference between BitGold vs. bitcoin? One you can ... BitGold vs. Bitcoin admin As if finally being introduced to bitcoin wasn’t enough, along comes another entity called BitGold that many people mistakenly assume is the same as bitcoin. Actually, these are two totally separate entities and if you are an investor, understanding BitGold is imperative. So as not to get confused, following is a general rundown between the two and if you’d like ... Compare bitGold vs Bitcoin - Best cryptocurrency compare tool ever, Compare cryptocurrency with last 1 hour, 1 day or 24 hours & 7 days comparison

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Was ist Bitgold German - Kostenlos Gold

Jim Rickards is the editor of Strategic Intelligence and the author of Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis. He believes gold can go to $10,00... Aus diesem Grund habe ich über das Thema Bitgold ein kleines video gemacht welches euch ein bisschen aufklären soll :) Heute noch anmelden und 20$ ( o,5g Gold ) gratis bekommen. I analyze the Gold chart over the past 100 years and I compare it to Bitcoins. Based on the price action of Bitcoins, I had a gut feeling that this price would be crashing down. Twitter: https ... Goldmoney Co-founder, Josh Crumb takes part in the Gold vs. Bitcoin Panel hosted at PDAC 2018. The views and opinions expressed in this event are those of the panelists and do not reflect those of ... Make an account to today receive $23.50 Free in gold or cash redeemable in 48 hours: Contact: Email: [email protected]