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XAYA: State Channels for Blockchain Gaming Universes

Hey all, I'd like to turn everyone's attention to a phenomenal ICO that is nearing completion and has ran under the radar for far too long.
XAYA is the first generation 3 blockchain geared towards blockchain gaming, and the only initiative in the niche with a proper solution to the cost, speed, and scalability issues that currently plague blockchain game.
Key Factors:
Token Economics:
Why gamers will use XAYA:
Why developers will use XAYA:
Lastly, a small batch of CHI is currently available on Liquid at a 15% discount as "Phase 1" of the crowdsale. This is the last time to buy CHI at a discount and there are only a couple hundred thousand $$ worth of CHI at this price.
If you have any questions about the project I'm happy to answer.
DISCLAIMER: I am an old Huntercoin player and long-time supporter of the project.
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