CoinSafe May Have Solved The Bitcoin Transaction Speed ...

CoinSafe May Have Solved The Bitcoin Transaction Speed Problem

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CoinSafe BTM Announces 15 Second Bitcoin Transaction Confirmation

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CoinSafe May Have Solved The Bitcoin Transaction Speed Problem • /r/Bitcoin

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CoinSafe's BlockCypher: Breaking The Bitcoin Transaction Speed Barrier

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CoinSafe Launches Free App that turns your Phone into a Bitcoin ATM. Supports All Countries and Currencies.

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Why DApps Can Take Crypto to the Next Level?

What's up guys? I wanted to take a sec to talk about how important the DApp developers are to the adoption of cryptocurrency. It wasn't too long ago that crypto was mostly regulated to the realm of the computer mastermind. I remember these days well and I am happy to see them fade into the past. While I whole-heartedly believe in full-scale crypto adoption, it is obvious to someone who has been in the crypto-game that DApps have been the single biggest factor leading to additional crypto-investors entering the marketplace.
Decentralized Apps -DApps
The crypto community is constantly expanding and as new investors join the marketplace it is important to remember that most of these investors would have never considered crypto if they weren't able to store their crypto on their mobile wallets or if exchanges were still operated solely in the dark.
Mobile apps have been the missing link in the crypto community and as more DApps continue to hit the scene, investors are getting even more flexibility with their holdings. Now-a-days you can do almost anything with your crypto via a DApp. Investors can easily track the marketplace from portfolio DApps and many even utilize API technology to allow for a single DApp to control your entire portfolio.  
Crypto Daily Living
While crypto adoption has been on full steam ahead since last year, for many people there is still a bit of confusion surrounding how to spend those sweet Satoshis you earned without having to convert your crypto back into fiat currency. Investors have long awaited more use case scenarios for their crypto and it appears this year will be the year that they get their prayers answered.
Next Generation DApps
This year has seen huge leaps in the crypto sector forward with developers taking industry standards such as the protocol used for ERC20 tokens and implementing them into the development of even more useful DApps. CoinSafe and Akaiito are perfect examples of next level DApps that have incredible disruptive technology.
In the past, the cryptocommunity was not so robust and therefor it was far more difficult to make a DApp that, say, would connect crypto landlords with crypto-tenants. Last year changed all of this and now there are enough investors in the cryptocommunity to develop effective community -based DApps.
Akaiito is one of these 3rd generation DApps that has the potential to elevate crypto adoption to the next level. This unique platform allows crypto investors to spend their crypto on services, rent, and it even features a robust online marketplace full of crypto friendly vendors. This is a huge step forward for the cryptocommunity who is desperate for a way to start replacing fiat currency in their day-to-day transactions.
Imagine waking up and sending your landlord a couple Satoshis for your rent. The concept is already here and thanks to innovative developers such as the Akaiito team, you could very quickly see the day where you never reach for your wallet and instead your phone is the key to your financial interactions. While it could take a few months before DApps such as AKAIITO truly change the marketplace, there is definitely a demand for these types of mobile applications in the cryptocommunity.  
CoinSafe is a free DApp that allows businesses to start offering BTC as one of their current products. The DApp is perfect for introducing people who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies to BTC. The developers of the platform made sure to make the DApp able to be run on almost any device with simplicity being their main goal. This DApp works like a portable BTC ATM but is significantly less expensive. You can even look up other vendors in your area.    
What Will the Future Hold?
The future looks bright for the cryptomarket and the introduction of the Lighting Network to Bitcoin's blockchain will help to forward development even further. Developers have already begun creating LApps that utilize the Lighting Network's unique protocol to reduce BTC transaction fees to nearly nothing.
What do you think guys? Is the key to adoption in the palm of our hands? Or will there be other more influential factors coming into play here this year? Let me know in the comments below.
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How to remain anonymous while using bitcoin - YouTube Best Way To Buy Bitcoin Instantly (I Ditched Coinbase ... Insane Billion Dollar Bitcoin Transaction Kicks Off The ... Transfer Bitcoin from one wallet to another - Beginners ... Constructing a Bitcoin transaction using python - 1/5 ...

The statistical odds of a transaction being double-spent after receiving 6 confirmations on the bitcoin blockchain are astronomically low,” he said. In short, the technology reduces the speed of transactions from 10 minutes to about 10 seconds. It’s very specific to CoinSafe’s system and doesn’t apply to many other bitcoin systems ... CoinSafe, a company founded by Michael Flaxman and Tom Chokel, is a “free […] CoinSafe May Have Solved The Bitcoin Transaction Speed Problem John Biggs 6 years CoinSafe says its new software allows businesses to trade bitcoins directly with walk-in customers. CoinSafe Releases ‘Virtual Bitcoin ATM’ Apps for Merchants News Learn Videos Research You don’t need to attach any personal or confidential information when making a Bitcoin transaction or using a Bitcoin wallet. Because your personal information isn’t attached to your wallet or transactions, you’re at less risk of identity theft. Even if someone gets hold of your wallet’s private key, they’ll only have access to your funds, not your personal information. Conclusion ... Coinbase is a secure platform that makes it easy to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. Based in the USA, Coinbase is available in over 30 countries worldwide.

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How to remain anonymous while using bitcoin - YouTube

This video is for people who want to use (almost) raw python code to Constructing a Bitcoin transaction. In the previous videos, I've explained how to connec... The Bitcoin Mempool, Difficulty Adjustment, Hashrate, Block Time, Block Reward, Transaction Fees and much more is explained simply in this video. Bitcoin onchain data: ... The best way to buy bitcoin instantly with fiat currency, in my opinion, is on Cash App (affiliate): Or, you can enter the invit... TO REGISTER USE THE FOLLOWING LINK AND SPONSOR ID link: Sponsor ID: 6770 If you are here we take it you are familiar with My C... Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that can help protect your identity when making purchases online. But it's not foolproof. Kevin Mitnick, one of the world's most ...