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Coinbase General Help Line. Want quick, easy help? We recommend having a Coinbase expert call you. They'll have the info you’ve already entered. So you won't have to repeat it. If you prefer to call us directly,

Coinbase support number 😸 😹 😻 😼 888 861-9742 Coinbase finance specialized help telephone number Coinbase finance client care number Coinbase finance client support Coinbase finance complementary Number Coinbase finance helpline Number 📨 📧 💌 888 861-9742
As of the harvest time of 2013, bolstered record downloads inside the Intuit Interchange File structure. In spite of the fact that this could monitor a few information passage work if your private company has incredible Bitcoin exchange side interest with Bitpay, you'll despite everything need to deliver the profiles inside Coinbase to order your exchanges. In the event that there's a requirement for it, I will address how Coinbase and Bitpay collaborate in a later post, in spite of the fact that Bitpay's site likely works admirably of this specific.
Coinbase desktop support number 💇‍♂️ 💇‍♀️
Coinbase desktop support number 💇‍♂️ 💇‍♀️
Coinbase desktop support number 💇‍♂️ 💇‍♀️
Coinbase desktop support number contribution to envelop a full set-up of finance and HR programming highlights. Independent ventures would now be able to run finance and document burdens naturally, just as get charge punishment assurance and access on-request HR, medical advantages, and laborers' remuneration.
Coinbase work area complementary number presently comes in three level alternatives, and . Every one of the three levels incorporate finance and computerized charge documenting, and Premium and Elite accompany time following. Intuit gained in 2017.
Coinbase desktop support number 💇‍♂️ 💇‍♀️ 💇‍♂️ 💇‍♀️ 💇‍♂️ 💇‍♀️
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Coinbase desktop customer care number
Coinbase desktop technical support number 💇‍♂️ 💇‍♀️ 💇‍♂️ 💇‍♀️ 💇‍♂️ 💇‍♀️
The securing has demonstrated key to the creating out of Coinbase' work area helpline number items. Laurent Sellier, VP and business pioneer of Coinbase work area helpline number, said that he figured out how significant had become to Coinbase work area client care number clients during one of Intuit's bookkeeper committee gatherings, where Intuit staff tune in to thoughts and bits of knowledge from bookkeepers.
I requested that one bookkeeper share how he maintains his business, and he said whenever he has another client that needs Desktop, they offer full assistance Desktop, including TSheets without fail, Sellier reviewed. From that point forward, it's completely robotized.
Coinbase desktop support number
Coinbase desktop toll free number
💇‍♂️ 💇‍♀️ 💇‍♂️ 💇‍♀️
Coinbase support number. Coinbase contact number. Coinbase helpline number. Coinbase toll free number. Coinbase customer support number. Coinbase customer care number. Coinbase Run Payroll . Money is a locale that you would incline toward not to keep down on by endeavoring to do it genuinely.
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Coinbase toll free number ✆♣ ✆♣ ✆♣ « 888 861-9742» 24?7 suPport toLL free numBer
Coinbase toll free number ✆♣ ✆♣ ✆♣ « 888 861-9742» 24?7 suPport toLL free numBer
What is Coinbase? 888 861-9742
Coinbase is an accounting programming used broadly by privately owned businesses. Coinbase is used for everything from running fund to following compensation and expenses to gathering budgetary reporting groups and that is only the start. Likewise, Coinbase modernizes dreary strategies, for example, arranging bank bargains, and you don't should be a clerk or bookkeeper to use it. 888 861-9742
What's the differentiation among Quicken and Coinbase?
The basic qualification among Quicken and Coinbase is that Quicken is expected to screen your own money related arrangement and spending. While two or three people use Quicken to screen business pay and costs, it doesn't have the ability to direct arrangements nor track stock like Coinbase does.
Coinbase support number
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Coinbase Run Payroll
Money is a locale that you would incline toward not to keep down on by endeavoring to do it genuinely. Blunders made in registering checks can realize steep disciplines and down and out laborers. Coinbase has its own account work that can subsequently figure and run money as much of the time as you need it.
The best part about using Coinbase money is that it is fused with Coinbase so your financial reports are reliably present day as of the latest account run. The securing of a Coinbase fund enrollment is required so you approach the latest money charge tables used while figuring laborer and business account charges.
Running your account through Coinbase will allow you to:
Pay delegates with a check or direct store
Find out government and state fund loads thus
Have Coinbase fill in the account charge reports for you
E-pay clearly from Coinbase
Here's a video from Coinbase on how Coinbase private endeavors use Coinbase account to pay agents:
Coinbase Track Inventory
In case you need to screen the stock you sell, for instance, near to entireties and unit costs, Coinbase will thusly track and update this for you as you enter trades. In Coinbase, there are a couple of reports open to regulate stock.
While checking stock is conceivable in a spreadsheet, it will in general be monotonous and slanted to botches. Coming up next is a model Inventory Valuation Summary Report from Coinbase Online. This report shows a once-over of your stock things, sum near to, ordinary cost, and their hard and fast worth.
Coinbase Disentangle Taxes
If you have to consolidate a couple of spreadsheets or mastermind a shoebox stacked with receipts, it can take more effort to get your cost capable what they need than it takes to set up your appraisal structure.
Here at Fit Small Business, we use Coinbase Online to manage the sum of our business accounting and obligations. We have set up our obligation capable with a customer ID and mystery word to get to our Coinbase data and pull the information they need to record our administration structures. Since everything is followed in Coinbase, we don't contribute a lot of vitality orchestrating receipts and bank announcements. This not simply ensures that we have spoken to all compensation and expenses, yet likewise improves accuracy in this way.
Coinbase Acknowledge Online Payments
Presumably the best ways to deal with improve your pay is to offer customers the choice to pay their sales on the web. With Coinbase, you can incorporate the Intuit Payments feature.
At the point when activated, all customer sales you send through email will consolidate a "Pay Now" button. Your customer can tap on that catch and pay their receipt using a noteworthy charge card or by entering their monetary parity information to favor an automated clearing house (ACH) portion truly from their record.
Coinbase Output Receipts
Another imperative perspective for making charge time a breeze is having the choice to sift through your receipts in Coinbase. All Coinbase Online (QBO) endorsers can download the Coinbase application to their PDA to no end, snap a photograph of a receipt, and move it to QBO in just several minutes.
No more lost receipts or genuinely organizing up receipts with downloaded banking trades. Coinbase grants you to interface a receipt to the looking at banking trade. You can move countless receipts to QBO, which are taken care of in the cloud close by your data. This can be incredibly valuable for associations that track a lot of expenses.
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Coinbase support phone number 【 +1-888-861-9742
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+1(877) 764-7765 Beginning in 2009, most US work station renditions of QuickBooks exhibited local multi-money support. QuickBooks support number 😤 😠 😡 +1(877) 764-7765 QuickBooks support number 😸 😹 😻 😼

QuickBooks support number 😤 😠 😡 +1(877) 764-7765 Beginning in 2009, most US work station renditions of QuickBooks exhibited local multi-money support. The utilization of the multi-money highlight has a few admonitions. In the first place, QuickBooks will refresh monetary forms right away once the house cash is US Dollars, which implies this component probably won't work pleasantly for drivers outside the US. Second, include ins as Statement Writer and Fixed Asset Manager are just going to utilize US Dollars, which means financial articulations can't be named in Bitcoin on the off chance that you select to keep them similar to a benefit. At long last, QuickBooks doesn't incorporate with numerous the Bitcoin mediators being used that are normal at this specific time. Subsequently, assortment and charging will require an extra activity regardless of whether you made utilization of multi-currency.For these reasons, this particular treatment doesn't utilize multi-money support.
QuickBooks support number 😸 😹 😻 😼+1(877) 764-7765 QuickBooks finance specialized help telephone number QuickBooks finance client care number QuickBooks finance client support QuickBooks finance complementary Number QuickBooks finance helpline Number 📨 📧 💌+1(877) 764-7765
As of the harvest time of 2013, bolstered record downloads inside the Intuit Interchange File structure. In spite of the fact that this could monitor a few information passage work if your private company has incredible Bitcoin exchange side interest with Bitpay, you'll despite everything need to deliver the profiles inside QuickBooks to order your exchanges. In the event that there's a requirement for it, I will address how Quickbooks and Bitpay collaborate in a later post, in spite of the fact that Bitpay's site likely works admirably of this specific.
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QuickBooks desktop support number contribution to envelop a full set-up of finance and HR programming highlights. Independent ventures would now be able to run finance and document burdens naturally, just as get charge punishment assurance and access on-request HR, medical advantages, and laborers' remuneration.
QuickBooks work area complementary number presently comes in three level alternatives, and . Every one of the three levels incorporate finance and computerized charge documenting, and Premium and Elite accompany time following. Intuit gained in 2017.
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The securing has demonstrated key to the creating out of QuickBooks' work area helpline number items. Laurent Sellier, VP and business pioneer of QuickBooks work area helpline number, said that he figured out how significant had become to QuickBooks work area client care number clients during one of Intuit's bookkeeper committee gatherings, where Intuit staff tune in to thoughts and bits of knowledge from bookkeepers.
I requested that one bookkeeper share how he maintains his business, and he said whenever he has another client that needs Desktop, they offer full assistance Desktop, including TSheets without fail, Sellier reviewed. From that point forward, it's completely robotized.
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QuickBooks support number. QuickBooks contact number. QuickBooks helpline number. QuickBooks toll free number. Quickbooks customer support number. Quickbooks customer care number. Quickbooks Run Payroll . Money is a locale that you would incline toward not to keep down on by endeavoring to do it genuinely.
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What is QuickBooks? 𝟖𝟕𝟕-𝟕𝟔𝟒-𝟕𝟕𝟔𝟓
QuickBooks is an accounting programming used broadly by privately owned businesses. QuickBooks is used for everything from running fund to following compensation and expenses to gathering budgetary reporting groups and that is only the start. Likewise, QuickBooks modernizes dreary strategies, for example, arranging bank bargains, and you don't should be a clerk or bookkeeper to use it. 𝟖𝟕𝟕-𝟕𝟔𝟒-𝟕𝟕𝟔𝟓
What's the differentiation among Quicken and QuickBooks?
The basic qualification among Quicken and QuickBooks is that Quicken is expected to screen your own money related arrangement and spending. While two or three people use Quicken to screen business pay and costs, it doesn't have the ability to direct arrangements nor track stock like QuickBooks does.
QuickBooks support number
QuickBooks contact number
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QuickBooks toll free number
Quickbooks customer support number
Quickbooks customer care number
Quickbooks Run Payroll
Money is a locale that you would incline toward not to keep down on by endeavoring to do it genuinely. Blunders made in registering checks can realize steep disciplines and down and out laborers. QuickBooks has its own account work that can subsequently figure and run money as much of the time as you need it.
The best part about using QuickBooks money is that it is fused with QuickBooks so your financial reports are reliably present day as of the latest account run. The securing of a QuickBooks fund enrollment is required so you approach the latest money charge tables used while figuring laborer and business account charges.
Running your account through QuickBooks will allow you to:
Pay delegates with a check or direct store
Find out government and state fund loads thus
Have QuickBooks fill in the account charge reports for you
E-pay clearly from QuickBooks
Here's a video from QuickBooks on how QuickBooks private endeavors use QuickBooks account to pay agents:
Quickbooks Track Inventory
In case you need to screen the stock you sell, for instance, near to entireties and unit costs, QuickBooks will thusly track and update this for you as you enter trades. In QuickBooks, there are a couple of reports open to regulate stock.
While checking stock is conceivable in a spreadsheet, it will in general be monotonous and slanted to botches. Coming up next is a model Inventory Valuation Summary Report from QuickBooks Online. This report shows a once-over of your stock things, sum near to, ordinary cost, and their hard and fast worth.
Quickbooks Disentangle Taxes
If you have to consolidate a couple of spreadsheets or mastermind a shoebox stacked with receipts, it can take more effort to get your cost capable what they need than it takes to set up your appraisal structure.
Here at Fit Small Business, we use QuickBooks Online to manage the sum of our business accounting and obligations. We have set up our obligation capable with a customer ID and mystery word to get to our QuickBooks data and pull the information they need to record our administration structures. Since everything is followed in QuickBooks, we don't contribute a lot of vitality
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You have viewed all that Steam has to offer!

What did you do?
Why would you ever do that?
"If you manage to look through all the products on Steam (quite an effort!) then you’ll only be able to get a new queue when new games or software are released."
ALL the games?
Yes. Even the barren wastelands of games that will probably never get even early access, or that have been in early access for years longer than they were supposed to be...
What about the DLC?
No. There are things man was not meant to see, and tens of thousands of horse armors, hats, and extra trains are some of them.
How long did it take?
I estimate on average I spent about 10 seconds per game, which means about 70 hours. I started during the 2018 Summer Sale, so around 3-4 hours per day.
Find anything unexpected?
Advice for developers:
"We fused card games and roguelikes together to make the best single player deckbuilder we could. Craft a unique deck, encounter bizarre creatures, discover relics of immense power, and Slay the Spire!"
The art is also immediately distinctive, probably would be noticeable for me even after looking at 20 000 other games, if I saw it for the first time then.
Are you the only one who's done this?
No. You are never the only one. Although it doesn't seem to be common, at least the text "You have viewed all that Steam has to offer!" gives only 9 hits on Google.
Was it worth it?
That's what keeps me up at night. Maybe, especially if I end up playing at least a couple of interesting games that I otherwise would have never encountered.
What did you end up with?
What next?
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Monero Moon Prize

Announcing the Monero Moon Prize!

I pledge 10,000 Monero to the winner of a competition that begins right now. I will award the prize for completing a task which is very difficult, but not impossible.
The prize of 10,000 Monero will be awarded to the first team or individual to operate a 3D printer on the moon. This 3D printer must use lunar soil as its raw print material and demonstrate that it can reliably produce custom mechanical components.
I have created a set of rules for the competition but I welcome feedback on the details. My desire is that following the competition, the winning team is able to continue to operate the 3D printer on the Moon’s surface and to indefinitely produce parts from lunar soil and sunlight.

The Competition

  1. Safely deliver a payload to the surface of the Moon.
  2. Deploy 3D printer and some method of gathering soil for its continued operation.
  3. Print a series of 3 test parts from lunar soil using an additive manufacturing technique which does not rely on external binding agents from Earth. The printer cannot rely on supplies from Earth for its continued manufacture of parts.
  4. Minor manipulation and/or assembly of parts will be required.
  5. The build volume of the printer must be at least 150x150x150mm with dimensional tolerances to within 0.2mm of specifications. (Note: this level of performance is comparable to mid-priced 3D printers currently available in the home market)
  6. The ultimate tensile strength of the parts must be greater than 10 MPa in any direction (about 1/3 that of common glass).
  7. The winning team must meet these objectives on or before December 19, 2022; or 50 years since man last stepped foot on the Moon. We as a species must not go 50 years before taking our next step towards the Moon’s development.


Exponential Increase in Monero’s Value

The value of cryptocurrencies increases exponentially with adoption. A prize purse of 10,000 Monero is currently worth about $120,000. This meager amount is unlikely to incentivize a lunar mission, considering it costs roughly $15 million to launch a 10-kg payload to the Moon [1]. However, if the market adoption of Monero becomes similar to what Bitcoin enjoys today, then the 10,000 Monero prize purse would be roughly a hundred times more valuable (~$12 million) and enough to recoup the majority of launch expenses.
The size of the prize could also increase through donations or pledges made by additional backers. Any team in the competition could offset their own costs by pursuing corporate sponsorships or pairing their entry for the Monero Moon Prize with another competition like the Google Lunar XPRIZE, where a team must have a robot move 500 m on the Moon’s surface[2]. There are many possibilities for adding incentives to this competition, this is simply a first step.

What is Lunar Soil Made Of?

Glass and metal, mostly[3,4]. Aluminum, titanium, tungsten, and iron. Volatiles like ice and many useful trace elements[5,6,7]. Most soil particles are very fine with sharp angles, turned to powder through billions of years of meteoric impact. Older, more weathered particles have small bits of non-oxidized iron on their surface and imbedded within, making them efficiently heated with microwaves [8,9] and levitate in magnetic fields[10].

What Can Lunar Soil be Made Into?

Just about any solid object you can think of. Researchers have turned lunar soil simulant into gears, bolts, bricks, and bunkers[11,12,13,14,15]. They do this by selectively melting the soil in a desired shape and then cooling it until it hardens. Possible heat sources include lasers, microwaves, and concentrated solar, to name a few.
Many technologies in use by DIY maker communities and additive manufacturers can be extended with little modification to the lunar environment. Candidate technologies include selective sintering and fused deposition modeling. In selective sintering, a laser or other heat source is directed at a bed of powder which is partially melted and allowed to re-harden. Here’s a demonstration of how simple the process can be[16,17].
Fused deposition modeling is a type of 3D printing that you are probably most familiar with. Some material, typically plastic, is heated until it can be extruded out of a small nozzle. This extruded material is used to draw a 2D image on a flat surface. The height of the nozzle is then raised and another 2D image is drawn on top of the old. This process continues through many layers until a laminated 3D shape emerges. This technology was recently applied where small beads of optical glass acted as the raw print material[18], a substance not too different from lunar soil[19,20,21].
We can see from these examples that there are at least a few techniques for printing reliable parts from Moon dust. All major technical hurdles have been passed, now it’s just a matter of application-specific design.

Why a prize?

From the Orteig Prize sending aircraft across the Atlantic, to the Ansari XPRIZE sending private manned spacecraft to space, to the ongoing Google Lunar XPRIZE where teams are asked to drive a rover 500 m on the Moon, incentive competitions have simply been shown to work. Prizes are an effective way of directing the efforts of others towards a unified goal with potentially universal utility. I do not care who takes the first step in the extraterrestrial manufacturing revolution, just as long as someone takes it.
Prizes are an excellent investment. The prize backers only spend money if the competition garners a favorable result. The teams are compelled to initially spend their own resources to investigate several parallel designs. Incentive competitions have historically seen teams spend a combined $16 for every $1 used to fund the prize[22,23]; this represents a remarkable 16:1 return on your investment in terms of total R&D!
A competition also adds extraneous benefits. Humans tend to be thrilled by competition. They love the challenge, the race against another pack of humans. A need emerges to quickly find a solution and win at all costs.
Good solutions to the most difficult problems have been found under these conditions and frequently within shortened timeframes. We as a species need the ability to extract material resources from extraterrestrial sources as quickly as possible. I believe an incentive competition is a fast, inexpensive, and exciting way for us all to realize that goal.

Who Am I?

I wish to remain anonymous and feel lucky that this right is afforded to me by Monero. I hold a higher degree in a field related to this competition and would be inclined towards continued technical discussions on these topics.
I will send the pledged funds to a multisig wallet held in escrow once that becomes a possibility, but reserve the right to withdraw my funds from the competition before the stated deadline if it appears that no reasonable effort is being made by any team to win the prize.


[3]McKay, David S., et al. "The lunar regolith." Lunar sourcebook (1991): 285-356.
[4]Noble, Sarah. "The Lunar Regolith." (2009).
[5]Duke, Michael B., et al. "Development of the Moon." Reviews in mineralogy and geochemistry 60.1 (2006): 597-655.
[6]Taylor, Jeff, Larry Taylor, and Mike Duke. "Concentrations of Volatiles in the Lunar Regolith." (2007).
[7]Crawford, Ian A. "Lunar resources: A review." Progress in Physical Geography 39.2 (2015): 137-167.
[8]Taylor, Lawrence, et al. "Lunar Dust Problem: From Liability to Asset." 1st space exploration conference: continuing the voyage of discovery. 2005.
[9]Taylor, Lawrence A., and Thomas T. Meek. "Microwave sintering of lunar soil: properties, theory, and practice." Journal of Aerospace Engineering 18.3 (2005): 188-196.
[10]Colwell, J. E., et al. "Lunar surface: Dust dynamics and regolith mechanics." Reviews of Geophysics 45.2 (2007).
[11]Krishna Balla, Vamsi, et al. "First demonstration on direct laser fabrication of lunar regolith parts." Rapid Prototyping Journal 18.6 (2012): 451-457.
[12]Fateri, Miranda, and Andreas Gebhardt. "Process Parameters Development of Selective Laser Melting of Lunar Regolith for On‐Site Manufacturing Applications." International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology 12.1 (2015): 46-52.
[13]Indyk, Stephen. Structural members produced from unrefined lunar regolith, a structural assessment. Diss. Rutgers University-Graduate School-New Brunswick, 2015.
[14]Lim, Sungwoo, and Mahesh Anand. "In-Situ Resource Utilisation (ISRU) derived extra-terrestrial construction processes using sintering-based additive manufacturing techniques–focusing on a lunar surface environment." (2015).
[15]Goulas, Athanasios, et al. "3D printing with moondust." Rapid Prototyping Journal 22.6 (2016): 864-870.
[16]Kayser, Markus. SolarSinter Project:
[17]Rietema, Menno-Jan. "Design of a solar sand printer." (2013).
[18]Klein, John, et al. "Additive manufacturing of optically transparent glass." 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing 2.3 (2015): 92-105.
[19]Fabes, B. D., and W. H. Poisl. "Processing of glass-ceramics from lunar resources." (1991).
[20]Fabes, B. D., et al. "Melt-processing of lunar ceramics." (1992).
[21]Magoffin, Michael, and John Garvey. "Lunar glass production using concentrated solar energy." Space Programs and Technologies Conference. 1990.
[22]Guthrie, Julian, Branson, Richard, and Hawking, Stephen. How to Make a Spaceship: A Band of Renegades, an Epic Race, and the Birth of Private Spaceflight. Penguin Press, September, 2016.

Addendum: The Philosophical Rant (It’s a long one…)

Things could be so much different than they are. As a species, we have arrived in our current state through a series of steps so complex that the thing we call reality might as well be an arbitrary selection from the possibilities of what could be.
In this reality, our reality, humans have made a massive misstep that has put our society and our species at risk. This glaring bit of poor judgment is ongoing, yet no action is being taken to resolve the situation.
No machines are being built outside of Earth’s orbit.
Even though we are a space faring species, we have no plans for gathering resources from outside of Earth or for building the extraterrestrial infrastructure that is necessary to take humans to other planets and beyond. We are not amassing the arsenal necessary to ward off extinction from asteroid impacts nor are we building the tools we need to fight runaway global warming through sunshades or the like.
We could be building things, lots of things, outside of Earth’s gravity and be permanently expanding our reach into the Cosmos. We can do all of this with existing technology – low tech by today’s standards – the only requirement is a slight shift of human priority.
I want to try in my own way to fill this gap. I want our reality to be different than it is and I think I know how to do that.
We must encourage the tinkerers and the builders to venture into space. And not just be there and exist in space, but to play in it, interact with it. A compelling challenge like the one that I have outlined would bring adventurers, those wary of traditional ways of doing things who take bold steps into new territory. I want to find the people in this world who want to dip their (virtual) hands into the Moon’s soil and pull out an object born from their imagination.
Following the competition, the winning team will have the ability to make parts indefinitely on the surface of the Moon using soil and sunlight. These parts could be assembled to form the bodies of robots, most notably those of additional printers; containers for material storage; energy collection apparatuses; and a host of other applications, with each addition bringing even greater capabilities for extracting resources and building upon the lunar surface.
Proper preparation could greatly extend the reach of this first lunar base to encourage it to grow organically from resources collected on the Moon. The winning team could build a large collection of printers and robots by sending just a few extra electronics, motors, and Mylar sheets for solar collection. This hardware could be installed into the bodies of printers and robots, all made on the Moon. The added costs of launching a slightly heavier payload would be minimal compared to the potential returns that you could receive from increased operational capability on the Moon.
The creative limits of the winning team will be pushed to find new ways of harnessing the few resources they started with. The lunar soil contains a range of extremely useful materials such as aluminum, iron, copper, titanium, and magnesium; all of which are easily extractable for use in specialized mechanical or electrical components. Small amounts of water can be liberated from the soil as it is melted. This water could be collected and used to drive steam engines as a feasible first step towards low-tech locomotion on the Moon. Simple heating elements could be produced from parabolic solar collectors improvised from Mylar sheets applied to the surface of troughs dug into the soil.
Continued support from Earth via rocket bound payloads could accelerate efforts of expanding upon the efforts of the winning team or their model could be repeated elsewhere on the Moon. From one printer comes many. Each new printer will build redundancy into the system and expand the infrastructure required for extraterrestrial manufacturing. From each new robot comes more soil and food for the growing manufacturing base. With proper preparation, this process can continue indefinitely.

tldr; Let's take Monero to the Moon and then let it return the favor.

Edit 1: I set up the website to post additional information moving forward and propose that we use /moneromoonprize for continued discussion of the competition beyond this thread.
Edit 2: Verification of Funds
address:44aaLQFizmb2FdVKuBxwS5i8hgExwZyXpN7APKPeXmyYEc93ecZsweAJ2Rr4g8FDoPjBkXBrXARL4N3cpKbAWxCyUb8LfFM viewkey:3bc4c7354f7b870985a3698a23bcfbd63e01ece14d08eab16ac2b815157a7c03 key images (available for 24 hrs): 
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ICO Avenues of Opportunities

Hello! My name is Nikolay Krasheninnikov, I am a Backend Developer at Platinum, the biggest crypto market player in the league. Our team knows how to start any security token offering and it is of great importance in 2019 as STOs are becoming the new norm today. See the full list of our services: We also developed the coolest online courses on crypto economics ever made! How do security tokens work? How to launch your own STO/ICO? We know all the answers! How will ICO companies be adopted and integrated into the mainstream? Get the answer after reading Platinum article!
ICO As an Avenue of Opportunities
Since the first appearance of blockchain technology, people have been debating the continuing preeminence of fiat currency. Pro-crypto analysts argue that cryptocurrency has the potential to replace fiat as the currency of the future. Cryptocurrency is aided by the fact it transcends national borders, and it can transform and innovate quickly in response to different situations in a way that fiat currency cannot.
One of the most valuable innovations of blockchain technology is that it renders intermediaries unnecessary and obsolete. Middlemen acting as trusted third parties between unknown participants in a transaction will simply not be essential in the future. Banks have always been the safe storehouses and trusted channels to transfer money up until now. But the blockchain provides a secure, decentralized, and tamper-proof ledger which poses direct competition to the traditional banking system. Transactions are executed quicker and at lower comparative costs.
MoneyGram has been a major player dominating global money transfer services. Blockchain start-ups are coming forward with competitive platforms that offer faster, cheaper, and more versatile methods of international remittances. After witnessing the exceptional performance of bitcoin, a vast number of new currencies have sprung up that also base their platform on the principles of blockchain technology. The potential applications of blockchain technology have been most notably demonstrated in the financial sector. The real estate industry, for example, was disrupted by the introduction of Rentberry. The marketing and advertising industry was disrupted by Gnosis, and a host of others as well. “ “We saw an explosion in the use of the ICO fundraising method in 2017. In May, the ICO for a new web browser called Brave generated approximately $35 million in under 30 seconds.
Having previously issued $50 million tokens called “”Kin”” to institutional investors, the popular messaging app developer Kik’s ICO sought to raise an additional $125 million from the public, on top of the close to $100 million they had already raised.
By the end of 2017, ICOs had raised close to forty times as much capital as they had raised in the previous year. But this amount is still less than 2% of the total capital raised by traditional IPOs, just to provide a degree of context. This comparison is not necessarily fair because most IPO companies already have a functioning, profitable business in operation. But it does give us insight into the sheer depth of our capital markets, and shows us how far the ICO method of fundraising can mature from here.
According to industry newsletter Cointelegraph, companies raised around $6 billion via ICOs in 2017; 37% of that amount was made by only twenty ICOs. By February 2018, there was an estimated failure of 46% of the 2017 ICOs. Crowdfunding and syndication lawyer Amy Wan described the coin in an ICO as “”a symbol of ownership interest in an enterprise—a digital stock certificate”” stating that they are likely subject to regulation as securities in the USA.
“ “The Most Successful ICO Industries When ICOs First Launched
Mastercoin was the first project to introduce the ICO model. They secured $5 million worth of BTC during their ICO, and that was certainly a big success at the time. After that, various companies realized how the ICO model can ease the difficulty of fundraising by avoiding regulatory hurdles. Vitalik Buterin’s Ethereum was also one of the projects that utilized the ICO fundraising method. And then, Ethereum was quickly followed by Waves. Both of these projects raised over $10 million each.
The crucial factors to think about in the success of an ICO have been the following:
-Is the technology new or inventively applied? -Are reviews on ICO rating sites such as ICO Drops positive? -Does the project clearly solve a problem? -Is there a distinguished team behind the project? -What technical edge does the project have over similar projects? -What is the community sentiment and marketing situation?
The Most Successful ICO Industries in the Present Days
Some of the recent projects that have experienced tremendous success are BAT (Basic Attention Token), Rentberry, and EOS. We will examine BAT and Rentberry as our examples. “ “Present Days: BAT (Basic Attention Token) – Advertising Industry
The Basic Attention token revolutionizes the advertising sector by improving the efficiency of digital advertising. The technology is built around the Brave browser which has a special setting that allows users to see only the advertisements that are relevant to their browsing habits. The team noticed that people were being bombarded daily with too many ads while they were using the internet. Both ads that they want to see and ads they don’t want to see were indiscriminately popping up on pages they were visiting. This is due more to Google Adsense and Adword capabilities.
This team created a browser that gives users complete control of what advertisements they choose to see. The browser blocks out other ads to avoid constantly disrupting the users’ workflow. The ICO for this project was a massive success, and it showed how interested people were in BAT. Some analysts like to stress that the success of this ICO is also due to the influence of Brendan Eich who is the lead creator of the project.
Key figure: Brendan Eich
Mr. Eich developed the popular javascript language, as well as The Mozilla Firefox project, which he co-founded. Investors would jump at any feasible project presented by this caliber of individual. The Basic Attention Token sold one billion utility tokens at a valuation of $36 million in less than 30 seconds. The technology itself had over one million active users by the end of 2017 alone. BAT is a clear success, and the Brave browser team does not seem to be slowing down in 2018. “ “Present Days: Rentberry – Real Estate Industry
On the surface, this may seem to be a rather unusual sector for blockchain disruption, but Rentberry has recorded surprising success since their inception. This platform provides a decentralized home rental service, thereby eliminating real estate agents and their much-loathed exorbitant fees. Some regarded it as the Uber of real estate industry. Let us dive deeper into the tech and see why it is currently regarded as one of the most successful ICO projects.
According to their website, “Rentberry is a transparent home rental service and price negotiation platform uniting tenants and landlords. It automates all the standard rental tasks from submitting your personal information, credit reports and custom offers to e-signing rental agreements to sending maintenance requests”. In basic terms, they are cutting down on many of the middlemen involved in the real estate industry such as brokers, lawyers, insurance companies and escrow companies in order to unite tenants and landlords in a peer-to-peer platform.
Rentberry eventually sold over $30 million in its ICO, which made it the biggest ever for a company in the Property Tech / Real Estate space. It recently announced a strategic partnership with Roomdao which is disrupting the tourism industry and bringing blockchain technology directly to consumers. It would be a good idea to keep a close eye on the development of this company. “ “Notable Industry Examples of Failures
In this section, we will delve into two failed ICOs, Enigma and Coindash, and the reasons why they did not succeed. These ICOs delivered sub-optimal performance for investors, basically because they provided only sub-standard security.
ENIGMA – Security Industry
The goal of the Enigma Project is to turn “”smart contracts”” into “”secret contracts””. How does it do that? It keeps input data secret from nodes in the network that execute the code. It aims to function as an extra layer on top of all blockchains in order to fully bring about the decentralization of smart contracts from the authority of a central figure.
With that in mind, you can imagine the level of embarrassment felt by the founders when half a million dollars’ worth of ETH was successfully hacked prior to the commencement of the ICO. Enigmas mailing list, Slack channels and website were all compromised. That enabled the hackers to contact potential investors via Slack and inform them about early access to the ICO. The hackers made off with 1492 ETH of Enigma investor’s tokens, leaving the Enigma project resource’s untouched but their reputation in ruins even before they were able to begin their crowdsale.
In fact, the exact path to the Enigma project Slack account, where the hacker’s initiated their phishing scam, was through the personal email of Enigma founder Guy Zyskind!
“ ” ICOS in the Future : Industries likely to be revolutionized by the Blockchain
Obviously, the world cannot immediately adopt and adapt to all of the potential that the blockchain makes available right now. But the blockchain has already revolutionized the way industry leaders are thinking about the future. We will discuss some of the features of the blockchain that are ready to redefine the way certain sectors and industries operate.
This is one sector most likely to be redefined by the blockchain. Transparency is a major feature of the blockchain due to the open ledger system. Keeping records on the blockchain eliminates human error and ensures the security of the data. Implementation of the blockchain will undeniably cause a quantum leap forward in this area, radically altering the future of accounting.
Business can become more efficient and productive, with less time required to simply create, maintain and prepare records. For the accounting industry, this will allow them to focus on value-added services, maybe even acquire new partners and open up new lines of business, rather than spend so much time on basic administrative tasks. “ ” Industries likely to be revolutionized by the Blockchain
This industry plays a major role in the world economy. How can the blockchain influence aviation? Accenture is a blockchain-based company that intends to implement blockchain solutions to the aviation system. Specifically, Accenture is looking at simplifying the reconciliation process. According to the official website, “Using robust cryptographic techniques and a distributed messaging protocol, it creates shared ledgers that decentralize reconciliation-based processes”. The use of smart-contracts will eliminate time-consuming contractual transactions and bring about automatically validated agreements. This will of course render intermediates and middle men obsolete in the process. Processes such as ticketing, loyalty mechanics, security, identity, and maintenance can all be automated.
Financial Technology
The Fintech industry is facing direct and immediate impact from the blockchain. Right from the start, the banking and finance sectors have been significantly threatened by the fundamental ability of the blockchain to eliminate middle-men, reduce cost and time required to perform so many traditional financial transactions.
The blockchain Fintech industry has been growing exponentially within the overall crypto ecosystem. Projects that started before the blockchain have in many cases been fundamentally redesigned to adopt blockchain technology. Projects like Pecunio and Eotrade have fused the real world with the virtual world. “ ” Industries likely to be revolutionized by the Blockchain
Supply Chain Management
Blockchain technology has special characteristics that can make any supply chain significantly more efficient and responsive. It offers cost efficiency and traceability ensuring transactions, while also ensuring transparency at every step of the journey. This will make processes such as ownership transfers, production and payment problems disappear the same way better technology made black & white television disappear.
Other industries that are likely to experience a revolution due to the blockchain include governmental agencies and systems (for energy supply etc.), electioneering processes (voting), B2B (Business to Business) interactions, and B2C (Business to Customers) interactions, among many others.
But what actually is it about the blockchain that makes it such a powerful and disruptive force in government, industry and society at large?
The blockchain has special qualities and capabilities that no one and nothing else has had before; the use of smart contracts, and an immutable, transparent ledger system. “ ” Future of the ICO
ICOs have progressed way past the novelty of simply creating a new cryptocurrency. The financial sector has no choice but to acknowledge what the technology has to offer; adopt it and adapt to it. Like in any sophisticated system, there are major forces that help drive solutions toward greatness. There are professional teams and companies that can help ICO firms in the same way VCs have always helped early-stage companies in traditional industries.
We will look at the leaders and major players in the blockchain industry. We will see what their function is and how they have propelled the growth of ICOs.
Vedran Kajic, co-founder of CryptoTask, views ICOs as better means of raising funds than traditional IPOs. “”Smart contracts for smarter crowdfunding””. One example is that of the CryptoTask crowdfunding mechanism. Its code is audited by bitcoin/blockchain veteran Peter Vessenes who is the co-founder of the Bitcoin Foundation and Pantera Capital among others.
Stakeholders or token holders can vote on the project’s progress after the crowdfunding ends. If they are not satisfied, the code ensures that refunds are made to them. Funds are released for use in stages, only as the founders actually deliver. “ “Professional Traditional Firm Assistance to ICO Firms
At this point it is no longer in doubt that growth of blockchain technology is inevitable. If people have insufficient understanding of what that technology is, how it works, and what it can do, they may simply get left behind.
The role of experts and professional advisors etc., cannot be overstated. Team members must include marketing professionals, copywriters, community managers, legal counsel, business advisory boards, and a host of others. The important thing is that team members work together toward achieving the team goal.
The main function of an ICO is to raise funds for a blockchain related project. Investors commit funds for the incredible returns they can get. Advisors can help with networking, especially with venture capital firms and other financial backers.
More so than with conventional businesses, ICOs have little room to change their structure after it is established at the beginning of the project. But the key advantage ICOs have over traditional fundraising techniques is the ability for literally anybody to invest. This model has been tremendously successful for ICO companies so far. These companies have largely had this success due to the professionalism and talent of the team. VC firms are famous worldwide for their shrewd business insight, ownership and restructuring strategies. While traditional firms might not necessarily be able to help ICO companies change or improve the structure of the firm; they will have an increasingly valued role advising on business strategy and direction.
“ “Professional Traditional Firm Assistance to ICO Firms
ICO companies like Foundico and Antier offer a full suite of corporate services to ICOs in exchange for fees and tokens from the projects. These two companies offer a competitive alternative to the traditional firms assisting startups, and are a good example of the maturity and development of the blockchain industry.
The fact that the industry now has advisory firms providing this kind of sophisticated strategy for ICO startups demonstrates the confidence of the founders in the continued success of the business, and also the actual demand for the services.
ICOs as a funding mechanism will not completely replace the role of Venture Capital. They will coexist in a world where specialization is the rule. VC firms will no longer need to provide such comprehensive advisory services or networking abilities to early stage startups. Early stage companies will be able to look for an advisory firm with experience assisting a pre or ICO company, while at the same time being able to lean on VC firms for their strategy and thoughts on tokenomics.
Ultimately though the choice will be made by the founders of the ICO project. They can elect to use the full suite of corporate services available at any point in the progress of their ICO project; or they can selectively choose the advisory or other services they feel are the most valuable and beneficial for their needs. Founders and teams that are looking for a greater level of support and more confidence might consider a VC that already has experience scaling companies quickly. “ “Evolution of the ICO Process
Necessity for the Future
The major difference between ICOs and IPOs is that the latter is government regulated while the former is not. ICOs are a new concept. The cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is still struggling without a clear legal framework in this regard.
As of late 2017, certain ICOs require investors to do a KYC (Know Your Customer) before investors are allowed to purchase tokens. KYC involves sharing your personal information with the identity verification services that complete KYC processes for governments. This is a measure taken by the ICO companies to identify who purchased what tokens in their sale. This particular measure has been a significant step in legitimizing the ICO process. Hopefully this will lead to more regulatory clarification that will further advance the acceptance of ICOs as a legitimate funding mechanism.
The two primary attributes that need to develop for ICOs to be recognized and accepted are; the interplay between traditional regulation and the blockchain industry, as well as the clarity and transparency of regulations regarding the legal status ICOs.
The blockchain industry is still far from obtaining the clear legal status and regulatory framework it requires.
Universities and professional bodies can help by conducting research and publishing papers on the topic too. Universities can educate individuals about the opportunities and processes in the blockchain industry, further helping to drive the acceptance of blockchain technology into mainstream and academic social consciousness.” “The Maturity of the ICO Process
The ICO process has undergone considerable change as it matures. At first, users didn’t have to reveal their identities when investing in ICOs. With the recent adoption of KYC into almost all ICOs, investors are worried the decentralized nature of the system might be corrupted and forgotten.
Many people see this as the natural evolution of the ICO process. Other people have their doubts, and are growing reluctant to participate in ICOs.
Key Developments from the Beginning
There have been both positive and negative changes to the ICO process over the years. In the beginning, ICOs were defined without any knowledge of token metrics. People didn’t care about hardcaps. Often, the sales were more equitable and didn’t have large bonuses for private sales. Funds were almost entirely raised in public sales.
Over time, the process matured and more projects started to raise funds privately, in seed, private, and pre-sale. Small public sales were carried out to create demand to support price action on exchanges.
There has also been significant growth in the amount of funds raised as people have begun taking KYC more seriously. But due to the introduction of KYC, the process has lost some of its key values. The disadvantages of this maturity are:
-Regulatory scrutiny. -Loss of Anonymity. -Ambiguous fundraising prices and depths.
ICOs are becoming more popular and widely used in today’s blockchain economy, and this indeed shows that investors still have faith in the ICO system. Why ICOs matter for the future of business & finance? How to start your own ICO and become successful? Read the full lesson now:
Learn all about best blockchain platforms and other technologies after finishing the UBAI courses! Contact me via Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to learn more: Instagram Facebook LinkedIn
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Blue Beelzebub (Final)

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Mortaren’s appointment had left a slim window through which to prep. As a freelancer, I was free to travel across the country or the world for a story, so time off from work wasn’t an issue that vexed me. I opted to fly to Denver then drive I-25 to Walsenburg - a city to the east of the San Luis Valley and a spot my travels made familiar over the years. By week’s end, after a numbing but uneventful commute, I reached the comfort of my hotel days in advance - I wanted that buffer to breathe and to reconnoiter the site of our meeting.
The coordinates pointed to a site too remote for satellites to remap every year. Neither Google nor Bing ever sent cars there to photograph the area. The drive through US-350 was monotonous - mile after mile of farmland parched a uniform yellow. The only excitement, if such were the word, came from the prompts the GPS indicated which eventually took me onto a gravel road.
The route crossed a railroad. To my right was a farm. To my left was the overlook - a weathered and wizened hump of earth a geologist told me had been the remnants of a butte millions and millions of years prior. It stood by itself amid seas of grassy plains. A road lurched onto its peak; there the earth had been pressed into a level (and empty) lot. It felt like the safest place to stop, (hopefully), out of sight and out of mind.
My rented Wrangler was the sole vehicle at the overlook.
For a while I gazed westward. The sky was a vibrant shade of blue that smothered the distance. Across its haze I caught outlines of the Spanish Peaks. I let my eyes wander southward, toward that spot at the horizon where US-350 vanished into a point. I couldn’t see a car anywhere coming or going. A train roared as it approached from the side of the highway.
Eastward and below - at what I gauged may have been a spur of the historical Santa Fe trail, I noted the ruins that had drawn me onto that spot. It had escaped my eyes when I drove by it and then, then I realized why. It was at the top of the overlook that the effect was appreciable. The ruins, through the years, had been smothered to its roof by an orchard of junipers.
The ruin was that of a two-story house which had been built partially into the ground. I gawked at the style of it for it appeared so out of time, so out of place when compared to the architecture typical of the area around La Junta. The closest match was Spanish Colonial. The eeriest aspect of it was that in spite of the juniper’s swallowing it, it didn’t look like it had been abandoned for any lengthy period of time.
I approached the door - a slab of wood impressively resilient to weather - and stuck my head into the shadow beyond its yawning threshold. Its walls were tagged with an eclectic mixture of symbology, some of it Satanic, some of it native. Others defied my erudition.
As I grew bold enough to enter, my advance was stopped by a voice.
“Yeah, figured you’d check it out.”
“Mortaren?” I turned to face the orchard, whose miasma cloaked the figure. “Wanted to see it for myself. Doesn’t strike me as a place to stash a server.”
Mortaren, my erstwhile host, stepped out of the enshadowment and joined my stance at the door’s threshold. I sensed by the immediate familiarity he conveyed to the structure that he wasn’t a stranger to its curiosity. I followed into the abode and almost immediately choked at a waft of putrefaction - urine and feces from sources unknown. Squatters - or worse - I started to suspect may have sought the refuge of its confines. Still, Mortaren was not concerned.
Nor was he curious about the freshly-minted tools strewn about the rubble. Gear that I recognized from my years of hiking had been folded into the mess as if to disguise it. I detected, too, the odor of gasoline - faintly and sublimely - as if it were a suggestion stirred by the train that passed by.
“It hasn’t been a residence since the seventies.”
“Well if that’s so, it’s a mix-up.”
“No! Little of the sort, bub, this,” he said of it, swinging a finger around his head toward the upstairs, “this is the spot. Everything that happened, happened here. All of that was filmed where we stand. ZuZu or whomever they worked for, they chose this site not for the way it looked outside but inside. Then ZuZu embedded those clips of it into the code.”
“Is it booby trapped?”
“In a manner of speaking.”
We worked past the foyer and the library that followed it. We walked: Mortaren at the front and I at the back. Could it be doubted anymore? My host splayed intimate knowledge of the abode which could have come only from a personal investigation. How many times had he stopped by? Perhaps he more than stopped by? Perhaps he more than investigated.
We entered a wide, tall hallway and paused. The chamber was pitch except for a window at the apex of the stairs which blasted a square-shaped spotlight onto the floor at our feet. Behind us the hallway emptied into a kitchen. Light that filtered through its windows lent it a vibrant, green glow. A glow that came from the vegetation clogging that chamber. I noted flickering, whistling lights like fluorescents out of view but not of earshot.
Mortaren refused my help to unroll a tarp; “touch nothing, nothing - don’t leave a print anywhere, kiddo, you gotta trust me, OK”. He revealed a set of tools: pliers, machetes, rakes, and a crowbar. My host took the crowbar and aimed it at the stairs. “Let me give you a word of warning - if you insist you want that game - alright more, more than a word. Yes - I got it. And I’m far from the only sucker, let me say. I suggest, whatever you do, you don’t ever install it, you don’t ever play it, you don’t even stick it into a drive that autoplays, OK?”
We ascended; the stairs were droopy and I struggled to stay upright.
“Not saying that ‘cause of what it’ll do to your rig - you know what it’ll do, I don’t need to tell you what it’ll do. It’s the sort of stuff that’ll bring the FBI to your door faster than you can say Blue Beelzebub. No, damn it, it’s how that abomination tears into your soul. It’ll compromise you and that’s intentional not accidental. It wants to beat you into submission. The fear - that you’ll be found, that you’ll be trapped - imagine every day, every day thinking ‘today’s the day it happens’. It took a year to convince the FBI I didn’t know what that game was about and then it was too late to save my arse.”
Upstairs, my host drew my steps into a chamber whose walls were a faded memory of yellow. Cracks formed like veins running the heights of the walls. The reek of corruption, like that of decay, attacked us fiercely. A hum issued out of the air; it was strongest at the center where the rug that cloaked the floor bulged.
Mortaren applied a streak of coroner’s salve to his upper lip. I added a dab to my face. My host insisted I should be thorough; so I complied.
The chamber was a formal salon, a pit of “opulence and decadence” for the 70s. Furniture lay scattered to rot. An armoire, as tall as the salon, waited at the far end with its doors wide, agape almost like arms outstretched to greet us. It, like the rest of the furniture, soaked the elements and charred into onyx as if burned. Slowly my eyes accustomed to the ambiance and as such I grew cognizant of a trove of esoteric details. Books strewn about. Mounds of salt. Blobs of candles. Pentagrams. All of that competed head-to-head with the scratches etched into the walls.
I found a fingernail embedded into those scratches....
“After I posted the demo, a fan - let’s say they were a fan - contacted my office about it. They offered assistance and I, reluctantly out of curiosity - I complied. I sent them copies of the game. That was my downfall, kiddo.” He stopped to take a breath. “Imagine it. The stuff of nightmares that destroys a man’s life fits so perfectly into a pair of three point five inch floppies. Well, that fan reverse-engineered the executable. Dude sent everything right back to my house with a stack of paper. Never heard of them again. I assumed they were the first to contact the FBI. Can’t blame ‘em.”
Mortaren pointed to the rug that spanned the floor.
“Is that hum under the floor?” I asked - he nodded.
“The sound isn’t from the server, though.” Mortaren lifted the corner of the rug with the crowbar. We cleared the furniture and rolled away the carpet. It decomposed into rubble just by touching it as we did. “It’s a crazy layout. The house was built over a shaft. This room it’s, it’s right over that shaft. The hum comes from the way air works through it.”
“So ... the server is real and it’s here?”
My host nodded; “The game’s cloak and dagger - a virus that turns your rig into a zombie. You work for them, now, now, you’re part of something worse than anything you imagine. The events that created this mess, this wreck that you see - it was filmed right where we stand. ZuZu transferred the footage to AVI clips and used it to create the maze’s layout and texture. My fan, when they broke apart the game, they found the clips embedded right into the code and I had to watch ‘em, didn’t I? I had to watch ‘em. Look, it’s not over, OK. The ritual they started, it doesn’t end, it doesn’t, ever, end.”
I dared not ask what kind of ritual it was. The gaze of his eyes as they relived the video spoke volumes. His whole entire body shook as if the violation were fresh.
“I tell you the strangest part of this business. The people who started it, they’re a crazy kooky sex cult out of NAZI Germany. Yeah, they used Crawley’s sex-magik. They never touched kids, though. It wasn’t about the Cheese Pizza for ‘em. But the Chinese Sandwich wasn’t any better.”
We walked into the center of the salon, to a spot where the rug had bulged. Removed, we saw what it was. A circle had been drilled into the wood and plugged by plate like a manhole.
Mortaren lodged the crowbar into the crack at the circumference of the plate.
“You’ll never get it until you see it from their perspective. Twisted as it is. You gotta see it through their eyes. The game exists to re-create the ritual - to recreate the ritual and make you part of it. Simply by watching it, by playing it, you get tainted and that by itself makes you part of it. Damn it.” He tapped the crowbar to the plate that refused to budge. “Haven’t I tried? It’s not enough, is it? Am I too old, at the end? The server.... It’s at the end of the shaft, a hundred feet below. I donno how it’s powered. Maybe it’s geothermal? I donno. It’s there, idling, watching and waiting for a signal to awaken. It’s what sustains the game and the spreads the ritual. It’s the heart of the beast.”
Cheese Pizza and Chinese Sandwich, to those not aware of 4CHAN and its vernacular, is code for ‘Child Pornography’ and ‘Child Snuff’, respectively. ZuZu and LVN used the dog-whistles of their day to advertize the game to a certain clientele. But the cult that bankrolled Blue Beelzebub abhorred the former as it embraced the latter. And the game itself contained tedious 90s shock - glimpses of death and its like - it never showed the goods, so to speak.
The CD contained the augmented DOS the game installed as well as a thorough, documented unraveling of the game itself. Mortaren’s fan discovered and saved BMPs and AVIs that had been embedded into the code. I slipped that CD into a drive and scanned its contents with my virus and malware checkers. Not a single program detected a problem. Given the sizes of the files, though, I found it disconcerting that my checkers took minutes to complete.
Mortaren’s fan had placed their deconstruction of the game’s executable into a ZIP folder. The majority of it consisted of code that they converted from binary to ML to C. It was fascinating to gawk as the code which appeared so professional. Yet, as C was not a strength of mine, I found it vague and cryptic overall.
I dug into the multi-media directory and extracted images and clips that had been stored there. Saved to my laptop, I selected the largest AVI and played it. That film, whose sights and sounds were equally vivid and jittery, oozed the impression of an 8 mm production. It had been subbed in German and I (mostly) followed it.
Mortaren got it right - the clip had been filmed at the house by US-350, specifically, at its salon. I paused to check the layout and compare it to my notes of how I found the furniture and the other, macabre ancillary. Amazingly, decades after the fact, everything matched.
The clip itself comprised a continuous stream formed of what had to have been a sequence of shorter segments:
1irst Segment:
At a couch sit three women - an older, frailer matron flanked by younger versions of herself. They chat with the cameraman (I assume).
2econd Segment:
The matron walks out of the frame and the cameraman pans to the opposite side of the salon where a man approaches the couch. The man is dressed in a style similar to that of Crowley’s regalia - decked head to toe with shades of violet and onyx. The magik-man approaches the couch with the women and offers them leis that they take and wear.
3hird Segment:
The matron reappears, followed by a pair of Amazonian-like natives - they were naked but their bodies were painted. The lei’ed women at the couch rise as the matron introduces them to the natives. It’s at that juncture that the cameraman reveals the women, too, have been painted. Neither men’s or women’s paints are native-like; rather, the runes are straight out of Thelema.
4ourth Segment:
The magik-man sits at the rug between a pair of circumscribed pentagrams. The magik-man lights a roll of sage (?) - the lack definition masks the identity of the object. Smoke billows out of it as he waves it over the pentagrams. The matron sets lights and sets six candles - three to the left and three to the right of the magik-man.
5ifth Segment:
The cameraman drifts down and to the left, down and to the left, down and to the left, to reveal the orgy. Painted men and women are paired and writhe about the pentagrams. The males lay with their backs to the floor and their heads crowned by the candles. The females lay atop the males. Their limbs intertwine. Their bodies contort. All to the rhythm of the magik-man beats into a drum.
6ixth Segment:
The matron, naked and painted, sits in front of the magik-man and extends a chalice.
7eventh Segment:
The magik-man pours the content of the chalice onto a loaf of bread. The cameraman zooms into that bread - it is shaped like a baby. At that instant the hands of the males and the females, their paint smeared and mingled post-orgy, reach onto the bread and yank it into four-quarters. They eat the bread.
8ighth Segment:
The magik and camera men remain at the salon; it’s night, it’s lit by torches.
They peel away the rug and reveal a circular portal into a shaft.
For a while the magik-man speaks to the cameraman. Subtitles state: “we consecrate the well - are you ready to see it again - to see it as it is enlivened by the spirit of [REDACTED] spurred by the ritual - are you ready - do you think you are ready”, then, “it looks like a hundred feet”, then, “as if a hundred feet were enough”.
9inth Segment:
The bulk of the video consists of the exploration of the mine at the base of the shaft. The magik-man takes turns, sometimes leading, sometimes lagging, always speaking although the German is not translated throughout this segment.
The pair reaches a part of the maze that collapsed. Although their posture is merely suggested by the aim of the camera, the pause and the silence that follows indicate that they are not ready for the obstacle and so struggle to clear a way through it. The viewer notes by the appearance of their hand that the cameraman is at last captured by their own footage.
The pair works through the collapse and discovers a vast, circular chamber.
The chamber is lit, awash by an eerie, hazy blue light. A crack crazes across the chamber. The light filters through that crack. The cameraman savors the chamber - it’s adorned like the salon; it’s a site where the cult practices its rituals. The cameraman sweeps toward the crack, prompted by a sound that startles the magik-man.
The cameraman zooms into the crack - it’s like a well, filled to the brim with water. It’s almost like an abyss, it sinks on and on hundreds if not thousands of feet; the limitations imposed by the film and the pixilation cannot do the reality any justice.
The water is upsettingly transparent through and through - and straight into the blur of light at whereever its bottom lay.
As the magik-man speaks off-screen and the cameraman continues their zoom, it’s apparent that there are things, things of a sort not floating but swimming through the water.
I scream as the view jostles - it is not a jump or a cut, though, it is the cameraman’s shake. Whoever it is that films that site, they had been startled by movement elsewhere. As the camera’s view twists to the side, it pans by where the magik-man stands and captures a glimpse, just, a glimpse of something that had been standing at the other side of the chasm right as it jumps into the water.
The house off US-350 loomed abandoned in appearance only. Nobody occupied it since the 70s; however, it was not derelict. County records verified that its owners - Ache Industrias, SA - paid its taxes year after year. Ache Industrias, named for a tribe of South American natives, was a company from Paraguay famous for its advances (and patents) re: GMOs. They were a partner to Monsanto but not as known outside of agriculture. Ache Industrias owned that house and the farms that engulfed it; a total of 500 acres.
BM: “Word is that the company wants to use this land for research.
“A lobby out of Denver, that represents a lot of cattlemen, filed a lawsuit working its way into the Supreme Court at this rate.” Farmers and ranchers who would be, effectively, neighbors, sharing their grazing rights of the nearby Comanche Grasslands objected to the idea, fearing the consequences to their business if their livestock mixed with the GMO livestock.
“Meanwhile the acreage isn’t dormant; it’s rented and reaps a lot of profit from royalties.”
Ache Industrias wasn’t the first owners, or, as it should be stated, wasn’t the first incarnation of the first owners.
BM: “An occultist, Straniak, was its proprietor of record according to my contacts from Brazil.”
Straniak, in partnership with two other expatriated Germans, formed a company c. 1930 then known as Straniak-West. Although the exact nature of Straniak-West wasn’t advertised, it’s suspected that they profited from the Chaco War and the partners became wealthy in spite of the Great Depression (which had been a world-wide phenomenon). As Europe verged into WWII, Straniak-West changed its moniker to Ache Industrias c. 1940. Around the tail end of 1941 the partners bought a thousand acres around the La Junta area; about half of the original estate was shed through the years.
BM: “Straniak and cohorts summered at their Colorado estate. Right up until they started to rent the land, the house had been the estates only, permanent structure. They used its solitude to mask their rituals.”
The cult / company was especially fond of that house and guarded its secrets.
Mortaren, as an aficionado of the occult, a passion that spurred him to review games of that genre, became aware of Aleister Crowley and the Thules, chieftains of bizarro early 20th mysticism, strands of which wormed their way into the works of Lovecraft, Blackwood, and a slew of other writers.
Straniak, and allies, German mystics intimately linked to the Thules, “a society with their own weird take on Aryanism” whose forays into sex-magik, blood-magik, and sacrifices made them too extreme even for the NAZIs.
“He fled to South America before Hitler, if you believe that sort of stuff.”
The house wasn’t built by Straniak and Co, though. It already existed by the time they hired a crew to survey their property c. 1933.
That area of Colorado had see-sawed between Spain and France before it was ceded to the US after the Mexican-American. Records from two centuries ago were hard to come by. Historians were reduced to combing through diaries and correspondences, however, the ephemera revealed a portion of history that otherwise had been lost.
The house used to be part of a hacienda granted to a patron of great wealth. Disagreements arose re: their identity as the sources used to piecemeal the history were themselves uncertain if the figure was American / English or French. Nevertheless, they built an extensive estate c. 1792. The house used to be larger; an earthquake c. 1820 reduced it more or less to the dimensions that Straniak & Co. found it.
What probably enticed the occultist crew was what legends claimed had been revealed after the earthquake. Namely - that the house had been erected over a mine from prehistory. The earthquake, as it leveled the house, revealed a shaft into that mine – which so happened to contain gold. Tthe patron used its revenue to rebuild the house - albeit to modest proportions - with the novelty that the house hid or capped the entrance into the mine.
BM: “The cavity underfoot itself isn’t the end-all and be-all. The cult was attracted to something else, something else not connected to wealth. Is it a portal into another realm? I donno what but it called to them and they poured resources into it.
“They recorded all of their rituals; the climax of which, which became Blue Beelzebub, if my timeline’s correct, matches an earthquake in 1983. It wasn’t much of an earthquake but it explains part of the video. It ripped a gash through the system. The server’s got to be inside that chasm, drawing power from geothermal. A system designed to work for ages without intervention while their poison spreads through the internet. Ah, but it won’t be there for long, I promise you.”
Night cloaked the house as we descended its rickety, tilted staircase. It felt as if the structure somehow, someway gained a sort of sentience after decades of mysticism echoed through its confines. I fancied it understood Mortaren’s intentions and shook at the foreknowledge.
If it goes, won’t that destroy the evidence? What about the crimes they committed? Won’t they go unpunished?
BM: “Altruism, don’t deny it, kiddo.”
My erstwhile host was adamant about their business and refuted my pleas to reason otherwise.
By destroying the house, they claimed, they would be saving lives, lives yet to be taken.
BM: “Kiddo, you’re talking about people, people who will never be punished never, never, never be punished for anything. Blue Beelzebub, it’s just the tip of the tip of the iceberg. And you know it. It’s always like that. They regroup and reorganize. But they took me down. And I’m gonna take this much, this much if anything away from them. Mark my words, they’ll imagine another way to entrap kids and spread their filth. And that’s where you and those like you continue what I start tonight.”
A stark midnight moon loomed to the south west over the jagged peaks of the Sangre De Cristos. There wasn’t a cloud to mar the sky. Crisp, summery wind stirred a floral scent about the air, then it faded, driven away to the ether by a tide of gasoline then of a char / smoke. I drove by the orchard where I noted how the orange escaped the house. It almost looked like a face, a skeletal face, buried into the junipers. I waved. Maybe the gesture was or wasn’t returned. I didn’t stay.
That was the last I saw of Bobby Mortaren.
I dismantled the laptops’ HDDs; I scraped the platters then I applied a welder’s torch to them, fusing them, melting them, obliterating any trace what so ever of the data they contained. Later I shredded the floppies and the CD and the papers. For all I knew those may have been the last, extant copies of Blue Beelzebub.
My paying job resumed its malaise although I noted that my contacts with the FBI waned. Then my editors shuffled my workload. Cases I had been assigned to were re-directed elsewhere. Leads dried. I was shunned more and more. I could not help but recognize a familiarity to the pattern - to the way I was being isolated and overshadowed. I tried to squash the paranoia that may have transferred to me as I entertained the notion of starting yet another career.
Little had been reported about the explosion south of Timpas that night.
I eked out a single article about the decline and fall of bitcoin. After that I put my thoughts together to form this record of my dealings with Blue Beelzebub. Partly to settle the history of it - as much of it as I understood. Partly to form a defense. I wanted to be transparent; there’s such scant cover for journalists nowadays.
Earlier I received a call from a woman, a former FBI agent who claimed they owed me a favor.
They warned that “I had been flagged by an anti-virus software vendor that works with the government”. Apparently, the anti-virus / malware scan had detected a rare item and reported it to the vendor’s server for analysis. That’s how the NSA discovered “the executable” with “embedded content” that “raised eyebrows”. It wasn’t just the government that started to investigate Blue Beelzebub, they continued, “a third party, a cryptic South American outfit”, long suspected of trafficking and exploiting minors, “sparked a lot of chatter across the deep-web about you. You got enemies, son, lots and lots of enemies.”
I didn’t know of any FBI agent, current and / or former who “owed me a favor”. I stated that in fact I had received a couple of floppies from a source familiar with the game. Naturally, I scanned the media. “I couldn’t get the program to work properly. It needs DOS and there aren’t too many PCs like it anymore. I destroyed all of that ‘cause it gave me the creeps.”
It wasn’t entirely a lie.
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Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 304 "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatline]

  • Day 170.1 Chrystal and Flynn Recommended Gritz For Key Post in 2005, SES Knocked It Down - YouTube
    • It's day 170 for those folks who weren't following yesterday we had a chance Task Force an ID to meet Robyn Gritz last night
    • And she was a counterterrorism agent within the FBI for a number of years
    • I think about two decades
    • And she briefed a lot of presidents and--we went through her career
    • And she kind of was knocked down by a Andy McCabe unfortunately as they started competing for positions
    • And he started moving up through the ladder
    • And I've kind of used Richard the third as the Andy McCabe character
    • And this this woman here was as sort of the Margaret of Anjou--if you will
    • Lots of historical analogies that you can you can pull
    • But what was really great is meeting both love having Robin meet with with Task Force--Task Force to talk about law enforcement
    • And then kind of when you get in the way, what happens?
    • Especially kind of in a male-dominated area
    • So there's a long conversation about three and a half hours
    • But what I took away from it, I left on me post last night
    • But the last thing I said so you can see can read that
    • But the last thing I said was to get Robin over 20 thousand dollars
    • I PROMISed I would and we'd get her over that
    • I really think this should be around 500,000 of her to mount a legal challenge
    • And it's more important than just writing the wrongs of Robyn Gritz--as far as what happened to her career
    • She really was on the fast track all the way back in 2005 with General Stanley McChrystal, way before Mike Flynn
    • She was working with Mike Flynn at that time
    • But this was really it she was kind of on the fast track
    • And her appointment in 2005--and I think this is so important to go back to that date
    • To a person was put in the job where the crystal
    • And Flynn did not know who the nominee was they had both nominated her for this job
    • And she was yanked out of this in McCabe kind of SES guy was was put in the position
    • And that goes all the way back 13 years to that critical juncture, where she was kind of on the fast track to be maybe the head of a DIA or something like that
    • So I think this is really important history to share--that really
    • She briefed so many different presidents on some of the most sensitive kidnappings and our in our nation's history
    • And I think Trump would do well to sit with her just just to review those situations if nothing else, from the perspective of the FBI
    • And then the other thing I think this is [[Director Freeh]] a Louis Freeh
    • Get back to the get back to the historical roots
    • And values of the FBI
    • I think that's the other thing that Robyn Grits could briefed the president on
    • So I really want to get away from this idea of Robyn Gritz as the victim...and get more toward the idea of Roby Gritz as the expert there's a great deal of expertise that she could lend at Trump
    • And Trump is only gonna get this insight or SES old boys club
    • It's not even old boys club is kind of a new new boys club--billionaire boys club perspective of the FBI
    • And this I believe Trump really has this opportunity in a briefing
    • It's really get the old FBI, the old ethics, the Louie Freeh ethics of the FBI the Kallstrom type ethics of the FBI
    • So anyway looking down here on the donations
    • There's always some--glad-hander grandstander that always wants to be number one, this idiot George Webb or George Sweiggert
    • So I'm thinking about doing that that dope
    • So anyway that is this morning's update
  • Day 170.2 Trump Sanctions Deripaska. Firtash and Pinchuk Next? - YouTube
    • It's Day 170
    • And this is part two
    • And the big news story obviously is the Treasury Department's sanctioning the different Russian individuals as well as entities
    • And they're seven Russians, including Oleg Deripaska you remember Oleg Deripaska the pasta that comes out of your salad with the derringer that Deripaska
    • You've also got 12 Russian companies and then 17 senior Russian officials
    • And these officials usually are just kind of fillers
    • And its really the companies and the Russians that are really interesting
    • Now, you'll notice that we've done a lot of work on a like Deripaska
    • So I created a playlist for him
    • And then also with Russian companies you'll see three or four different Russian companies like VTB Bank and others that I've focused on
    • And that I put out on Twitter as well this morning's for background on who these people actually are
    • What we're going to continue doing is continue identifying more Russians more of Hillary's Russians
    • Christopher Steele's Russians, Andy McCabe's Russians that they work with
    • And these are just organized crime figures they were FSB agents they became organized crime figures
    • And basically they've been running different types of Kompromat
    • So we'll be focusing on Russians like the VeroPharm deal with Abbott Laboratories here in Chicago with Rahm Emanuel
    • And our famous basketball-owning Russian oligarch basketball-team-owning Russian oligarch in New Jersey Mr. Pinchuk
    • We'll be looking at the pinch-Bears the famous crowdsource a crowd strike a hacking team that potentially just got exiled or expelled by Trump
    • So the are the pinch Bears associated with Pinchuk?
    • Was that associated with getting the VeroPharm deal through and other Russian drug company deals through other Russian weapons deals through we're gonna look at that we're going to look at Firtash we're gonna look at other oligarchs like Katsyv and we're gonna look at Friedman
    • So all those names will be coming
    • And our objective here is to add to the list of people on the US sanctions
    • Take out all of Hillary's and Christopher Steele's and Andy McCabe's Russians: that's the key
    • Now, the other thing that could help is bring people to the White House that can luminate Trump's knowledge of anemic Apes Andy McCabe's tactics
    • And also informed public policy on terrorism counterterrorism somebody like a Robyn Gritz being invited to the White House is what we recommend
    • We still have a hostage in Iran this
    • A lot of these dealings with the Russians were for the Iran deal we have Anthony Weiner's trusted staff negotiating these deals on Blackberries
    • We have the different Gmail accounts from the State Department negotiating these deals with Iran
    • Now, we have people shooting people from Iran at YouTube
    • And now, we still have a hostage there in Iran
    • Was Robyn Gritz shuffled off the Robert Levinson deal because she was making too close--she was getting too close to family--she's making too much progress?
    • We really don't know the answer to that
    • But we think that President Trump would do well to get an insider who's been on the case since 2007, has years of experience with negotiating with the Iranians, to the White House to get an outside the bubble perspective on the Russian Iranian situation
  • I'm not going to transcribe the live videos--they are too long and I can barely keep up with the short ones
  • Day 171.1 Why Be A DHS Expert If You Ignore the Awans? - YouTube
    • It's day 171
    • And just to be sure I checked into the plum book
    • And made sure my brother wasn't in there, and he wasn't
    • So the plum book if you don't remember is a listing of jobs available in the public sector
    • These are civil servants jobs, starting at the presidential appointees, down to Senate confirmation, to just presidential appointees without senate confirmation, and then of course the all ubiquitous SES a Senior Executive Service, which is sort of a sort of a union if you will, at the top executive levels inside the Government
    • What I'd like to do sometimes is take these names or different keywords and go through the plum book
    • And just show people the number of occurrences
    • And I realize this is kind of the hard work of research
    • And maybe not particularly interesting for all the catfights on Twitter etc catfights on YouTube
    • But it is kind of the stuff that makes or breaks hypotheses and kind of moving the ball forward
    • So anyway if you remember before I just took the occurrence of the word homeland
    • And I saw 39 occurrences over here 39 occurrences in the plum book
    • And my theory here is that the DHS or the Department of Homeland Security is sort of used as a wedge or a funnel for the DoD to kind of insert people into a kind of a national control mechanism--a U.S. control mechanism
    • So the same techniques used overseas to gain control of kind of a an undercurrent or or a party or a union like the SEIU let's say
    • And then you would take over that labor union like let's say Poland way back when when Poland was being overthrown, you would use that Union to do all your communications protect your communications until the time of overthrow
    • Is that the same thing the DoD is doing in the United States with SES? Is sort of theory
    • So if you don't remember Lisa Monaco would just go down a list here this is really the first occurrence
    • She's really kind of brought up as a--a young, hard-charging young female attorney as a DHS expert
    • And then if you remember the kind of the PR shots in the White House
    • Here's Lisa Monica of course Susan Rice and Samantha power they all sit on the couch together all day like that and go through their papers
    • So these are kind of glamour shots obviously this is not a very realistic working situation here in the White House
    • So and I understand a certain amount of this this is a this is good PR...
    • She's from the University of Chicago and then got a pedigree at at Harvard
    • So moving along in the plum book
    • She's not even Senior Executive Services you can see over here she is--just presidential appointee
    • So we'll go quickly through the different appointees in Homeland Security
    • And most of the folks are not listed there this--kind of a Ditto kind of thing career incumbent they're Korean come
    • But they're--they're ditto there and then career incumbent
    • Again, this Thomas F Atkins interesting
    • So I just what I do on these is I drill down on two or three just to get a feel for people to get a feel rather than just end the discussion, and not do any more detail detailed research on the SES books
    • So here's Thomas Atkin--was once the former acting secretary of defense
    • I don't know if that is when who who was the Secretary of Defense he was acting for
    • But he's got his own group now, he's left in 2012
    • I'm trying to think of what shake-up happened inside me Department of Defense at that time
    • Senator from Nebraska I believe was the Senator then became the Secretary of Defense
    • But anyway he's got a new company now, he's broken away from the...or else he's joined this other group
    • Here he is the assistant secretary of defense here cyber strategy...and then Homeland Security
    • And then of course the obligatory time at Raytheon--gotta know where those cruise missiles are at all times
    • Then of course a visiting fellow here at the Homeland Security Institute and here we go back to the Coast Guard
    • And this seems to be the Coast Guard seems to be that kind of a key inflection point for kind of entering people into DHS
    • Seems to be quite a bit of emphasis there
    • Border security and so forth Operations Group
    • And the my only question is--I look at all these different resumes, and I see all these add all this expertise
    • But the simplest questions that can't be answered in Washington
    • About what's going back and forth on Imran Awan's server?
    • What are the terabytes going back and forth Imran Awan's server?
    • A lot of this emphasis starts on FEMA I noticed there's a similar emphasis with the Army with FEMA on some of these resumes
    • So he kind of comes up the ranks for FEMA here
    • So I'll just quickly go back here, look at some other resumes
    • Vacant
    • Career incumbent
    • Vacant
    • Matthew Gula that's the GS position
    • So Jeh Johnson of course we all know
    • Mayorkas was kind of the guy who was kind of drummed out of the service because of dirty dealings
    • And Erin Walls she's GS so we won't talk about her
    • And again, when he gets to the ES positions
    • Again, you see there's just a lot of vacancies
    • And again, John Roth was the Inspector General of Homeland Security for another career incumbent
    • Just not a lot of data
    • The only one person really would get any data as the Coast Guard guy
    • And is that because that I don't know Americans have an affinity for the Coast Guard?
    • Here's John Roth we still don't have an Inspector General for Homeland Security
    • Again, that's another position, yet another Inspector General position, that's not filled with the Trump administration
    • I don't know if that's by design or on purpose but
    • Again, here are the whistleblower protection Ombudsman vacant vacant
    • So you've seen really there's only one here
    • Again, Ditto
    • Only one position we've seen
    • So far in the ES
    • Again, vacant of who actually runs these things and
    • Now, here this is a million homeland security
    • So those are all the occurrences of the word Homeland Security
    • And my takeaway would be we need to know these names
    • And we need much more scrutiny on if you're going to be in Homeland Security if you're gonna be an expert you're gonna be the assistant secretary of defense you're gonna have all this border security, and all this knowledge, and all these consultancies, all these groups, all this expertise, you have to apply it to the most pressing need in the country right, now, which is the Awans
    • Terabytes to Pakistan
    • Hundreds of suspicious payments
    • Thousands of suspicious logins
    • If you don't apply your expertise to the most pressing problems, what good is the expertise
  • Day 171.2. Introducing UpWhistle and Rich Seng - YouTube
    • It's day 171
    • And i'm here with the founder of giggety this is rich hello saying how you doing yeah how you doing to everyone like many of you I've been following George from--day 50 or
    • So really been impressed with how media is changing because we can
    • Now, take control of the narrative
    • And we're no longer trapped into the mainstream media
    • And riches rich is not satisfied with just having a first name of rich
    • And he has filmed people who's saying
    • And he did get rich that way as the founder
    • And CEO herein
    • And I don't know how rich you are now
    • But I'm penny not uppity giggity-giggity I figured no no diggin what we did yeah giggity is a live streaming company we would go to music venues
    • And comedy clubs how to use you this morning YouTube could have used you
    • And we installed the cameras
    • And microphones permanently
    • So that event you no longer had to like--do anything
    • But just spend one minute scheduling to start time
    • And end time on a broad kind of like a newsroom yeah
    • And then--is it going to be free or pay-per-view if it's a pay-per-view how much does each artist receive
    • So we're like buddy guys legends we're at second city in IO
    • And venues in Los Angeles
    • And in Boston
    • But still were 40 or 50 of these venues about 40 yeah and--we were allowing people who could not attend a rock show or a comedy show to just pull up the live stream
    • And then get then get money for all the artists to watch run if your patreon that's perfect yeah yeah
    • But it wasn't like a donation it was more like you had to pay five bucks for the pay-per-view ticket oh
    • So it's more than just a donation on the month
    • Now, you see the Flatiron Building behind us do they call this area of the Flatiron well this is areas Wicker Park
    • And it's mainly like an old Polish neighborhood *--they built all these old buildings just fix this Roby hotel over the Robie Hotel your startup have your meetings on the second floor of the Roby great great breakfast there too we didn't actually eat there we just look well we had some bagels yes courtesy of giggity yeah
    • So I always make offers to make myself rich
    • But I try to I try to make it look like it's a team effort because that's what I do right and
    • So what I talked to you about was up whistle
    • Now, here's my idea of up whistle is--how you upload stuff--people upload stuff right yeah yeah wouldn't it be great wouldn't it be great if whistleblowers had a way of up whistling if you had like some like oh here's Imran leaving with the Bitcoin--with the leg up like this leaving Rayburn if you're Andrew McCabe with like a change of conscience in a lumination of your conscience yeah Rahm Emanuel
    • And you're--going into the back of the cabs--getting the drop from from Podesta would it be great if you could up whistle yeah well you put up your your leak theoretically
    • And then the crowd would go
    • there's something here that the main guru you could vote it you could own it you cannot vote it
    • And vet it
    • And then--what I found out--what I found out I had this great idea of up whistle I had this out domain name
    • And guess who had the domain before me yeah I happened to scoop up the name right before George
    • So I own up whistle calm
    • But it's going to be something for like like one of the things I've watched Infowars like Alex Jones used to infuriate me because there's
    • So many good stories like yours that just never got hit upon
    • So I'm like what if there was up whistle where people could people could bet those RLC SSDs convention this weekend people could vet the idea
    • And then then Alex Jones
    • And all of these like independent alternative news wired networks they would just have the cream the cream a story this the cream idea would just be right there for
    • So it's better than up voting it's up whistling because what you're doing is you're working you're going on to a crowdsource sites you're getting a lot of data you're you're finding some kind of stuff it's kind of like our Trello board only it's up whistle for everybody
    • Now, the world cannot vote that on the Trello board base yeah yeah yeah
    • So basically--if you are an insider
    • And you have that illumination of conscience well you're like--this is hurting society civilization this needs to get out well let's just say somebody said here's the address of mis department yeah could you go by
    • And fill me in todepart yes you could you could just--hop on your bicycle you get on the bus you can yeah well maybe we'll do that see if this guy's really--how did you let me talk you out of
    • So much stock in our first meeting yes I think I think they're going for you rob we're here in Winter Park at he's just a faker
    • let's let's put you to the test let's see if we can find we're gonna give we're gonna be like a scavenger we're gonna give you its on California talent we're gonna give it a walk yeah we're gonna see if you can find the Mis Department we're all the FBI phone calls remember Hawkins member Andre Hawkins making all those phone calls that's what that that metadata I just told the story that metadata when I share it with two people from the DNC at I won't say what place in Washington DC they said no no no there's two letters there's two joint funding letters I'm like oh there's another joint funding letter thank you
    • And then Donna Brazile came out with a prequel about three days later admitting to the second joint funding agreement to sweep the NGP Van data sweep the money to Brooklyn
    • let's go let's go
  • Day 171.3 MIS Department For the DNC. - YouTube
    • It's day 171
    • And here we are at the MIS Department for the DNC and so it's a public address right?
    • So we're the public address it was I first found it once MIS was in the news and everything your news yeah it was on Facebook
    • And I'm like oh my gosh this is like it's on California Avenue I'm just six blocks away
    • So I just rode my bicycle here, and the building is right here yeah and
    • So this antenna behind us is the 14th precinct to here in Logan park?
    • Logan Square Logan Square
    • So this is kind of the new gentrified was Wrigleyville
    • And then it was Wicker Park.. all right with the park and
    • Now, yeah it's constantly like moving Northwest from from downtown area
    • But yeah yeah
    • And it's real complicated you think I mean this is the location
    • It's obviously a business address according to the DNC yeah
    • And how many times do you think Adrienne Hawkins would have called?
    • Wait history maybe six nine nine nine times
    • And the Calls came here and they didn't answer the phone! Answer the damn phone yeah!
    • So anyway there it is this is the famous location this is what I noticed the I did like OJ Simpson driving the white Bronco
    • There's a there's a guilty demeanor here
    • Like a guilty conscience that you see whatever they're just security yeah I don't think the choppers live here anymore
    • well they must get some blood buzz here if you go they have cameras
    • And they moved the camera
    • So oh it used to be in behind the window on the second floor
    • the no loitering no trespassing 14th district police call 9-1-1
    • Let's let's keep moving then we certainly don't want I just was trying to get my donations back
    • And I was wondering if I could put a slip in, like a night slip saying hey could I have my could you un-exfiltrate--is that a word?
    • Can you un-exfiltrate my terabytes from Pakistan my NGP Van data all the--all the personal information that they scraped with the Facebook profiles
    • Now, let's see Trump got what 27 thousand Facebook profiles and Cambridge analytica gave Hillary what like 4 million or 40 million?
    • yeah I know I up the AGP ban hold all that oh I don't know I don't know how many Hillary got
    • But I know Cambridge analytic I think Facebook just announced that it's like not 70 million
    • 70 million Ok we're up to 70 million profiles here yeah
    • So and then but Trump did get 20,000
    • So let's like call him on the carpet for that right
    • And get Bob Mueller Bob highly-enriched Mueller
    • So here we are in beautiful Logan Square we're gonna try to cross the street without dying
    • So I guess you think the Chopras--I don't think the choppers still live here
    • Well do you think Oprah's was just a cover like Chalupa where's Chopra's like Chalupa?
    • Yeah they're going to great lengths to conceal their identity, it seems
    • Like yeah I mean I think everybody said oh we love Chopra's I think they said
    • Willa who sounds really smart to everybody trust well that Chopra guy right yeah
    • What's his name Chopra the Chalupa how was it--it was the Alexander Chalupa for the Ukrainian girls okay
    • But I think they thought: well if we have the Chopra's running the Mis Department yeah they'll seem like a bunch of smart trustworthy people yeah
    • Not the Awans, the ones that get arrested for coming in from Montreal and PAK ISI
    • So there you have it well we'd like to upwhistle this suppose we wanted to upwhistle this right upwhistle is is not up yet--we're just
    • Now, kind of like brainstorming we're gonna race home anima
    • But what if we had all the pictures of the inspectors general yeah right listed all 73
    • And you could up whistle if you remember the house you'd have Theresa Graphenstine's pictures search house
    • So first of all you'd know who your Inspector General is right
    • You would then, so if you had if you were like you were saying for example in the Department of Energy--and suppose you were a relative or you knew something that was going on suppose you were there
    • And you knew that Imran was beating someone in the house...
    • So yeah yeah we would have to build something where you could perhaps anonymously put up a tip or a flare or something
    • So if anybody knows a good there was lithium and then a couple of other kind of like Facebook in Facebook type of things where anybody can post anything--you can post video you can post whatever yeah right
    • {{ 911: It's called 4chan 8chan. You're reinventing Q }}
    • And then you upload it you know
    • So you can upload your your hit
    • And then or your your your your allegation perhaps--suppose your lavoy finicum face Emily you could upload your family him being--shot yeah your grievance right right
    • And then and then you're just saying
    • community let's drill down on this let's let's test this idea let's see if it's true or not let's put forth the supporting evidence
    • And if it's true then we have righteous wrath--we then have a right to then demand justice or demand a wider investigation from our elected officials
    • And man I tell you what will populate the hell out of that house that house up whistle with the Theresa Grafenstine our Trello board whooo! will go right in there
    • Well thanks this has been great we'll have probably maybe one more secret up whistle meeting that you'll be a part of if you stay tuned
  • Day 171.4. Dough-Nation UpHustle On UpWhistle Stock - YouTube
    • Rahm I'll get you the bitcoins soon we're gonna try to get it in the basmati
    • The basmati barge the basmati barge hasn't come along just yet
    • But will we're gonna try to get we're gonna put it in some Lobster Thermidor ice
    • Oh wait oh we're on we're live uh hey
    • So upwhistle--already you remember donation
    • But not donation
    • But dough space nation---they should do ugh nation the guy who did the shoes that guy who did taskforces shoes
    • Dough Nation was trying to sell me upwhistle shares.
    • He said hey I got a friends and families round: tier one to your level get in on the mezzanine get in
    • << video cuts. It's probably a good thing>>>
  • Day 171.5. Leaving Clinton Station For Loop Capital With Rahm Bitcoin - YouTube
    • Day 171 here we are in the loop
    • Not Loop Capital, we're just on the regular L loop
    • They don't say loop capital, so that's not my train
    • But anyway talking about upwhistle, we're looking at 73 different inspectors general
    • One way more important than all the other ones, which is the Intelligence community Inspector General
    • But we're looking at upwhistling 73 different inspectors general
    • We're gonna start with a house of course getting that position refilled
    • We're going to start with the IC community Wayne Stone
    • He needs to go out
    • But then Department of Energy--the IC community is probably the most important
    • But having a place in where people can upwhistle all the documents
    • Hey here's an interesting thing: Imran stabbed this girl
    • That's interesting here's the police report just up whistling documents like we did on the Trello board
    • But for all three inspectors general
    • If I saw for instance a problem with the track here I would want to just take a quick picture it's at Clinton
    • You don't want this train to derail
    • But you don't want to wait forever you want to react immediately
    • You want to take advantage of the Intelligence of a crowd
  • Day 171.6. With Robyn Gritz Vs Bromwich Let's Get Robyn Over $23K - YouTube
    • It's day 171 this is part six I think something like that maybe seven
    • Task Force can you turn your head that way?
    • So here with Robyn Gritz as you can see wave hi Robyn
    • And with Task Force
    • And her are talking quite a bit with Bernie bridges--that's Bernie bridges
    • What we really would like to do is get Robin she's only a hundred
    • And forty bucks short of twenty three thousand
    • And really what we're trying to do here is to compare real grassroots fundraising, versus this Bromwich, which I call broom-which
    • Bromwich is the all Inspector General for Bill Clinton in the DOJ
    • And he's got a PR firm now
    • And he--he's been in all these high-profile cases DOE
    • And did the BP oil cleanup...and Andy McCabe
    • He's now representing any McCabe at this PR fake PR $500,000 go fund me that Andy McCabe has for his legal fund
    • So I just like to show everyone what real grassroots fundraising looks like
    • And if you could spend a little time today, give Robyn Gritz some love
    • I'm still the top contributor one thousand sixteen dollars if anybody wants to beat that I'll go higher
  • Day 171.8. Gritz Gofundme Part Two - YouTube
    • It's day 171 we're here at the Robyn Gritz fundraiser
    • You see a lot more people are here a lot more people are learning about Robyn Gritz and all the different things she did while being an FBI agent
    • She's talking to Task Force here [Music] [Applause]
    • One of the things I've learned I've learned so much
    • But there's a file there's a Gritz file
    • And I would put this out to all the internet people are being spanked here while I'm talking
    • There's a Gritz file yet that Robyn gave to Grassley--Robyn Gritz gave this file to Grassley
    • It was all the pain it was all the press clippings of all the terrorism cases that she worked--it's the Gritz file
    • And it literally reads like 20 different cases in our modern American history
    • And what I want to do over the next couple of days
    • And I would love for Jason and crowds aren't the truth Crowdsource the Truth or Emerald Robinson at One American network to do this more professionally that I can
    • But just tell the story of all the cases that Robyn Gritz has worked
    • Who knew that she worked the 20th hijacker case?
    • One she worked the 20th hijacker case
    • Two she worked the Sabina case--the Iranian journalist, the beautiful beauty queen Iranian journalist, Sabina
    • And got her extracted from Tehran, from her kidnapping
    • Who knew she saved a plane of 300 people
    • Who knew how many different mob disruptions of commercial airlines there were
    • Who knew there was a thousand people in a planned bombing in India that she subverted and disrupted
    • This is Robyn Griz story the Robyn Gritz story is
    • So much more than you know
    • It's not just the only woman to have the courage were the only agents and the courage to go against Andy McCabe
    • She's not just the Robert Levinson negotiator
    • She's not just the captain Phillips--Navy SEALs three Somalis pirates zero--that's not--that's just a very small segment of the hundreds of cases, the hundreds of cases that Robyn Gritz has done
    • It's my job to crowdsource the outline
    • I want Robyn to write a book
    • General Flynn has told her write a book
    • Tony Schafer has said, well we want to get her to touch with Tony Schafer at McCulloch who's Tony Schafer's lawyer
    • We want to crowdsource the outline we want to crowdsource the first chapter
    • We want to crowdsource the third chapter the 2nd chapter
    • We want her to get a book deal
    • We want her to get a movie deal
    • This is a true American Hero--it doesn't matter if she is a woman or a man
    • Robyn Gritz has stopped--has stopped the one one man in history and of our country to perform a Sedition--to perform a sedition in our country
    • Andy McCabe
    • She was a one agent who stopped that
  • Day 171.8 Gritz File Will Reveal A Hidden History of America - YouTube
    • OK it's day 177
    • And this is part 8
    • And it's pretty late into the evening
    • And we are here near the Rosemont mall not far from the O'Hare Airport just over here where Rahm is collecting Bitcoin on the are from Imran and friends
    • But I had a chance to spend about eight or nine...gosh it's been a long time with Robyn Gritz
    • And what I've learned is I don't know anything about the extent and the breadth and depth that Robyn Gritz had in terms of our national history
    • I mean we she she starts out in New Jersey with the Blind Sheikh
    • 9/11 happens
    • She is involved in flight 77 that goes into the Pentagon
    • We have the anthrax case with Tom Daschle, not too long after that
    • Of course we have the Robert Levinson case after that
    • There's a couple of other plane interdictions or bombing interdictions that I need to bring out
    • The Saphira journalist--the beautiful Iranian journalists I think she was like Miss North Dakota
    • And extricated her from kidnapping--that story
    • There's just so many stories that have been buried
    • And--everyone says well--just let it go no I'm not gonna let it go I'm gonna throw it up on the wall and say hey these were all things that Robyn Gritz did as a great agent--
    • Everybody says oh--Maersk--Captain Roberts was a great thing--the only agents to stand up to Andy McCabe
    • It's very cold, so I'm sorry I'm chattering a little bit 8 Everyone wants to say all these--11s...she was very close on Levinson she was doing something on Uranium One
    • John Solomon was talking to her, Sarah Carter was talking to her
    • She was very close on something with Uranium One I don't know if Robert Levinson or someone
    • But there were agents agents on her team as a Supervisory Special Agent that were abducted or not abducted, but they were withheld or held in UAE
    • And I believe as I've said before the UAE is the conduit to Iran
    • Were their reactors sold from Lawrence Livermore labs to the Iran?
    • Where their secret centrifuge farms with Jeffrey Sterling, selling the big washing machine type centrifuges, and then the smaller microwave type centrifuges
    • We really don't know, but a lot of pieces could come together if Robyn would get out there on a like a crowdsource of truth or a one American network
    • And do the long-form interview
    • And really put out--the pieces
    • And what I really want her to do is kind of crowdsource the outline crowdsource the outline of all these--
    • She she really has just been involved in all these different cases in our American history it's just amazing
    • And she presented a file which I call the "Gritz file" to Senator Grassley which just case after case after case after case of--newspaper clippings of things that she'd been involved in
    • And I think it's really up to people like Crowdsource the Truth or I can do it--whoever to really--cover the whole panoply of the full flight of the arrow as I like this to call it of Robyn Gritz's impact on American history
    • I mean it's it's it's quite amazing--named a case--xx xx hijacker case one in case to just being one Sapphira being another case
    • All these cases are just like been sublimated, and they they need to be brought to the fore
    • And the other piece is Andy McCabe's co-opting of the credit before these cases also needs to be brought out
    • And I think when the American people see this the this hidden history the rewrite is going to occur very quickly of what actually happened in the last 20 years
    • And this cabal this self-congratulatory, self self-rewarding, self-dealing cabal will be exposed at the FBI
submitted by 911bodysnatchers322 to TruthLeaks [link] [comments]

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