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#BitcoinBowl Recap

I was roaming the Twittersphere while the #BitcoinBowl took place on Friday, December 26th, 2014. As a bitcoin enthusiast, I had to see what was in store during the very first, large-scale, bitcoin sponsored event. Needless to say, I was impressed by all participants, especially the company that made it happen, BitPay. I didn’t watch much of the game, but I was extremely excited to watch BitPay’s commercials (and that’s probably the first time I’ve ever said that about commercials). This was the first time that I’ve ever watched commercials from a bitcoin-related company and I have to say, they were very professionally made (#1 and #2). A job well done! I can only imagine how many people now know about bitcoin because of BitPay. Seriously, thank you for sponsoring the event, and everything else that you’ve done thus far for bitcoin.
Aside from BitPay’s wonderful promotion of bitcoin, there were other big names spreading the bitcoin love on Twitter. How were they spreading the love you may ask? Well, these fine ladies, gentlemen, and companies were using one of bitcoin’s current greatest tools, ChangeTip. Yup, they were using ChangeTip to send bitcoin to people unfamiliar with it (Andreas Antonopolous), for quality tweets (Tony Swish of BitPay), to show appreciation to their customers (Newegg, Warner Bros Records) and other known, and not so known names were spreading the bitcoin love, “just because” (Jon Fitch, Shooter Jennings, Mark Finelli). There was no shortage of beers sent to others as Shooter Jennings and Jon Fitch tipped well over 100 “beers” (aka $3.50) to various Twitter folk that used #bitcoinbowl in their tweets. However, the tip of the night came from ChangeTip’s Victoria Van Eyk. Victoria played a little game with the Twittersphere and tweeted that she would tip 1 bitcoin to the person who replied with the best bitcoin fact. She followed through with her promise and the lucky, Twitter winner was @WindyCityIggy, who tweeted, “Only 12 million coins exist, if they were shared across the world each person on average would own 0.00171429 BTC.” A very interesting fact indeed as it really puts into perspective of what 1 bitcoin could be valued at in the long-term, considering that bitcoin has the potential to reach nearly every single person in the world with ease…
Highlight reel:
All-in-all, the Bitcoin Bowl was a great promotional event for bitcoin. Hats off to BitPay for sponsoring the event, and maybe even more importantly, leaving the name of the bowl as “Bitcoin Bowl.” Also, Andreas Antonopolous should be given a big round of applause for the 170+ tips sent to people that haven’t used bitcoin before, as well as the other various bitcoin tippers that helped increase bitcoin awareness during the festivities. It was very encouraging to see such a positive collective effort from multiple individuals promoting the same thing, but coming from entirely different fronts. These tippers provided an incredible demonstration of how easy it is to send money (bitcoin) across the internet. Can you imagine how difficult (and more expensive) it would have been for Andreas to send actual dollars, instead of bitcoin, to over 170 random people on Twitter? Not a chance that would ever happen. This simple demonstration really solidifies my thought that bitcoin is the future of money. It’s just so dang easy.. Anyways, looking into the future, I can definitely see ChangeTip used during other promotional events – whether this be from an individual “celebrity” spreading the bitcoin love to their fanbase (possibly a bitcoin giveaway to promote the release of a newly-released album or movie), or simply another collective effort during a bitcoin-related event, similar to the #Bitcoinbowl. I’d guess that this tipping frenzy could be the first of many.. But only time will tell!
Once again, Thank you to all participants of the #Bitcoinbowl. Until next time!
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